Educators grapple with Shoah lessons

BALTIMORE – Every year, Esther and Howard Kadinow and Edith Cord, all in their 80s, receive numerous notes from grateful students. The three are getting on in years, but they still answer what they feel is an important call — to share their stories of survival in one of the world’s greatest atrocities, the Holocaust…. Read More

Jewzeum offers an exercise in Jewish pride

The fifth-grade students of the religious school at Beth Shalom Congregation in Columbia were transformed last Sunday into some of the most famous Jews in modern history as a part of what the Conservative congregation called its Jewzeum. After six weeks of research and preparation, the students were able to embody Supreme Court Justice Ruth… Read More

Celebrating Israel

Israel-lovers flocked to Israel Fest, held in Rockville and Fairfax

Virginia gubernatorial hopefuls argue their issues at forum

An attentive crowd interrupted one candidate with frequent applause and laughed at the remarks of another during a forum at Temple Rodef Shalom for the men vying to succeed Democrat Terry McAuliffe as Virginia’s governor. The forum, held Sunday only weeks before the June 13 primary, drew 400 people to the Falls Church synagogue, where… Read More

Vegan dinner, with options

I was asked to host a dinner for a group of neighbors recently. I happily agreed; it was a small party, and I am always eager to gather folks around a table. Then I learned that one of the guests was a vegan. Then the group expanded from 5 to 10. Then I discovered that… Read More

Upstart bookstore makes rolling stop

Behind a small wooden counter inside her bookstore on wheels, Rabbi Deborah Bodin Cohen stands in a black T-shirt embellished with the words The Story House in gold cursive. That’s the name the Rockville children’s book author picked for her new business — a bookmobile that looks like an old-fashioned trolley car. Cohen is parked… Read More

Things you didn’t know about the Six-Day War

The three paratroopers casting eyes upward at the Western Wall. The troops reveling in the waters of the Suez Canal. The sweeping views of a Galilee no longer vulnerable to shelling from atop the Golan Heights. Not to mention Naomi Shemer’s anthem “Jerusalem of Gold,” reissued after the Six-Day War with a new verse celebrating… Read More

Va. business rep doing his last Israel deals

Ralph Robbins knows every business deal has hiccups, and one hiccup last summer put him in a tough spot between Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) and an Israeli company. Last year, Robbins was working with OSG, which manufactures bullet-proof glass, to expand its production in Virginia, and McAuliffe was scheduled to visit the company during… Read More

Diament hopes Trump’s Israel trip will solve the riddle of the Wall

Almost a half century after Israel captured the Western Wall, or Kotel, during the Six-Day War, the Trump administration can’t agree about its location. Is it in Israel? The West Bank? Asked on Wednesday whether he was concerned over the mixed messages from administration officials, Orthodox Union executive director Nathan Diament said “yes.” Diament, who… Read More