A D.C. rabbi’s adventurous and persevering spirit Review

“You Are the Book: A Spiritual Memoir” by Rabbi Tamara Miller. Silver Spring, Md.: Three Gems Publishing, 2017. 238 pages. $15.95. Often, our souls are the scenes of ferocious struggles, as various ideas battle for control of our spiritual essences. Because so much is at stake, these conflicts can reach epic proportions. My assimilated, American-Jewish… Read More

BBYO opens girls group in D.C.

Hannah Frank heard about the BBYO youth group while at camp over the summer and when she returned home to the District of Columbia the 14-year-old was ready to join. But she couldn’t. “Me and my friends from camp thought it would be interesting to join a chapter, but we looked and there were none… Read More

Hogan honored at sukkah gathering

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan was honored Sunday for his “open warm and positive relations with the Jewish community,” according to Ron Halber, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington, which invited the governor to the sukkah at Beth Sholom Congregation in Potomac. “The symbolism of him joining the Jewish community to… Read More

Totality worth it

After a tiresome 13-hour drive, my family and I arrived at our hotel in Kentucky – we were now officially eclipse-chasers! Exhausted, we immediately went to sleep, but I had difficulty sleeping because I couldn’t stop thinking of the exciting event that brought us here – the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017. I had never seen an eclipse… Read More

At TAMIDcon 2017, students learned about business through Israel

More than 175 passionate college business students gathered in early September for TAMIDcon, bringing together student leaders from each of TAMID Group’s 46 college chapters that offer students experiential learning through business in Israel. For TAMID’s leadership, it is the most highly anticipated event of the year filled with learning, creating, and collaborating. This was… Read More

Bubbie takes to the skies When Mollie Witow said she wanted to celebrate her 97th birthday in a balloon, she wasn’t full of hot air

Mollie Witow hasn’t lost her adventurous spirit. The 96-year-old decided to take to the sky in August to get a jump on her October birthday. Members of her family, including her daughter and grandchildren, accompanied her to Taylorsville for her first-ever hot-air balloon ride. Donning black pants and a gray sweater, Bubbie, as her grandchildren… Read More

Charity provides top-shelf items to needy families

Mordechai Roizman has a heart for those in need: After Hurricane Sandy wracked devastation across New York City and coastal New Jersey, he joined those helping residents who had lost everything, pitching in to help distribute food, clothing and dry goods. But Roizman, a 48-year-old veteran of boardroom battles and executive strategy sessions knew that,… Read More