Educators grapple with Shoah lessons

BALTIMORE – Every year, Esther and Howard Kadinow and Edith Cord, all in their 80s, receive numerous notes from grateful students. The three are getting on in years, but they still answer what they feel is an important call — to share their stories of survival in one of the world’s greatest atrocities, the Holocaust…. Read More

Jewzeum offers an exercise in Jewish pride

The fifth-grade students of the religious school at Beth Shalom Congregation in Columbia were transformed last Sunday into some of the most famous Jews in modern history as a part of what the Conservative congregation called its Jewzeum. After six weeks of research and preparation, the students were able to embody Supreme Court Justice Ruth… Read More

Dear President Macron: It’s time to reinforce France’s ties with Israel

In the French presidential campaign just concluded, discussion of foreign policy was largely forgotten. Nonetheless, Emmanuel Macron, France’s new president, faces several critical global issues, among them the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. If France would like to play a role, she must rebuild the credibility that was diminished in January when the Paris Peace Conference concluded… Read More

Enter the special counsel

The unfolding story of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign has played out like a daytime soap opera. It all began with the question of the scope of Russian interference. Then came the revelation that National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, while he was working for the campaign of President Donald Trump, spoke to the… Read More

Haredi Israel in 2059

Israel’s fast-growing haredi Orthodox population is, in many ways, distinct from mainstream Jewish Israelis, whether secular, traditional or modern Orthodox. Like many Israeli Arabs, large segments of the haredi community have an ambivalent relationship with the state. The haredi community, like its Arab counterpart, is also marked by high levels of poverty. So it’s concerning… Read More

Letters May 25, 2017

No reason for Trump optimism for Israeli-Palestinian peace While President Donald Trump is optimistic about a peace accord between Israel and the Palestinians, past and present relations between the two make such an end to the conflict impossible (“Israel’s justice minister says Trump peace plan won’t go anywhere — and she’s happy about it,” May… Read More