Lazy days celebrating un-lazy times

We’re moving into the lazy days of summer. Recent celebrations of our Independence Day on July 4 remind us that days that are punctuated by the arrival of the neighborhood ice cream truck are meant to be enjoyed. We are blessed to live in a country that is free and that enjoys friendly relations with… Read More

New hope for Israel’s Labor party

In France, Emmanuel Macron ran from the center, eviscerated the traditional conservative and Socialist parties and outflanked the frightening far-right National Front to become president. His newly minted political party then won a majority in the National Assembly. Will Avi Gabbay do the same in Israel? To be sure, there are differences in France’s and… Read More

The water agreement

Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority took a step toward improving the lives of their people by reaching an agreement last week to increase the supply of fresh water in the region. U.S. Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt announced the agreement on July 13 during a visit to the area, and then said that he… Read More

Letters July 20, 2017

Women of Wall not disruptive I am disappointed and angered by the letter to the editor, “Kotel issue distorted” (July 13). The writer, Robert Berman, terms the attempts to pray, on each Rosh Chodesh, by Women of the Wall “disruptive protests.” The only disruption is the violence instigated by the nearby Orthodox Jews who object… Read More