Book group brings ‘Jewish lens’ to MoCo library

When participants in the Jewish Book Discussion Group sat down to talk about Anita Diamant’s “The Red Tent” in the basement of the Kensington Park Library last week, much of what followed sounded like any of the book groups in the Montgomery County library system. Marjorie Kenemuth of Rockville described the “rich world” Diamant created… Read More

The wise-heartedness of art

This week’s Torah portion is Vayakhel-Pekudei, Exodus 35:1-40:38. What is the value of art? This week’s Torah portion implies that Israel is not only a nation of priests, but also a nation of artisans. Vayakhel- Pekudei seems to be a reiteration of the portions of Terumah and Tetzaveh, lovingly repeating the details of the construction… Read More

Israeli-American teen arrested for making JCC bomb threats

An 18-year old man with dual Israeli-American citizenship was arrested by Israeli authorities Thursday for making bomb threats against various Jewish institutions around the world, including JCCs in the United States, various media outlets reported. The Jerusalem Post reported that the person arrested was a resident of Ashkelon, Israel. While reports of the suspect’s exact age… Read More

Attendance, activism up at synagogues after election

Even from the outside, it has been obvious that something has changed at Temple Micah in Washington since the election. In late January, the congregation hung a large banner outside its building connecting President Donald Trump’s immigration ban to the history of Jews who were turned away from the United States before the Holocaust. Things… Read More

Purim events promise release through revelry

  Washington is badly in need of an emotional release. Thankfully, Purim — the Jewish holiday that best offers an opportunity to blow off steam — is right around the corner. Washington will welcome the holiday, which begins at sundown on March 11, with Megillah readings, noise making, hamantashen eating, costumes and revelry. Many of… Read More

What will make your party memorable

You don’t have to reinvent the wedding reception to make your party unique and joyous. In realizing that goal, there’s nothing wrong with borrowing a little. How about making your entrance through an archway? “Guests can hold up an archway made out of halved hula hoops decorated with ribbon, glitter, colorful flowers, lush fabric or… Read More