Shabbat dinners seen as key to commitment

Just after moving to Washington, Daniel Kuhn attended a Shabbat dinner for young adults as a way to connect with the community. The host that night had name tags for everyone, so it was particularly conspicuous when one guest, named Juliet, didn’t show up. One Shabbat dinner became a series of dinners. The group became… Read More

Reform movement gears up for fight on immigration

In the face of fears that the administration of President Donald Trump will launch a sweeping crackdown on undocumented immigrants, the Reform movement, including local congregations, is gearing up for a fight. Last month, the Union for Reform Judaism issued a resolution urging its congregations to consider providing physical sanctuary to undocumented immigrants facing deportation… Read More

Survivors benefit from local eyeglass program

When Yom Hashoah commemorations take place next week, the image in many people’s minds of Holocaust survivors may not reflect the lives of survivors living in the Washington area. Of the 430 survivors receiving aid from Jewish Social Service Agency, a local nonprofit that receives money from the German government and other sources to care… Read More

Hearings on AIPAC violence delayed until May

The hearings in D.C. Superior Court for two men accused of assaulting Palestinian-American professor Kamal Nayfeh outside the AIPAC conference in Washington last month have been pushed back to May 15 at the request of both men’s attorneys. Last month, Yosef Steynovitz, 32, was charged with assault with significant bodily injury, a felony. Rami Lubranicki,… Read More

Study: Jews, Muslims share same anxieties

A survey by a nonprofit organization dedicated to studying Muslims in the United States found that this link between Islamophobia and anti-Semitism is felt by members of the two religious groups. The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding study shows that 38 percent of Muslims and 27 percent of Jews fear for their personal safety from white supremacists, far more than any other religious group.