Purim events promise release through revelry

  Washington is badly in need of an emotional release. Thankfully, Purim — the Jewish holiday that best offers an opportunity to blow off steam — is right around the corner. Washington will welcome the holiday, which begins at sundown on March 11, with Megillah readings, noise making, hamantashen eating, costumes and revelry. Many of… Read More

What will make your party memorable

You don’t have to reinvent the wedding reception to make your party unique and joyous. In realizing that goal, there’s nothing wrong with borrowing a little. How about making your entrance through an archway? “Guests can hold up an archway made out of halved hula hoops decorated with ribbon, glitter, colorful flowers, lush fabric or… Read More

Left-wing groups ramp up protests of Trump’s Israel policies

Left-wing Jewish groups have launched a string of protests in response to confirmation hearings for President Donald Trump’s nominee for ambassador to Israel and Trump’s meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. On Thursday, three protestors from IfNotNow were arrested after disrupting the Senate confirmation hearing of David Friedman, the Trump organization’s bankruptcy lawyer who… Read More