Celebrations for June 22, 2017

Samuel Joseph Edwards will celebrate his bar mitzvah on June 24 at B’nai Israel Congregation in Rockville. A rising eighth-grader at Julius West Middle School, Samuel is the son of Beth Panitz and Michael Edwards and the grandson of Suzanne and the late Stephen Edwards and Sylvia and Bernard Panitz, both of blessed memory. For… Read More

Obituaries for June 22, 2017

Israel ‘Izzy’ Feldman Israel “Izzy” Feldman, a serial IT entrepreneur, proud immigrant and strong supporter of Jewish causes, died on June 2. He was 86. He was born in 1931 in Chernovitz, Romania, now in Ukraine, to an Orthodox Jewish family. His family had deep roots in the Chasidic movement and were direct descendants of… Read More

Hateful words lead to hateful acts

Special to WJW This week’s Torah portion is Korach, Numbers 16:1 — 18:32. The rebellion of Korach is an explicit, notorious rebellion against Moses’ divinely mandated leadership — ultimately a rebellion against God. Jewish tradition sees it as the paradigm of an illegitimate controversy. The Mishnah tells us: “A controversy for the sake of heaven… Read More

The right way to make a wine breathe

Special to WJW Going through my email bag to answer some of your questions about kosher wines and spirits. If you have a question, from the simple to the seriously technical, feel free to email me at lchaimQs@gmail.com What does letting the wine breathe mean? The idea is metaphorical. A wine “breathes” in the sense… Read More

When the scouts went to the Promised Land

Special to WJW This week’s Torah portion is Shelach, Numbers 13:1 — 15:41 This week’s parsha marks the halfway point in the yearly reading cycle. In it, Moses is ordered to send out (sh’lach) 12 scouts (some call them spies), one from each tribe, to examine the Promised Land. They go out and search the… Read More

A few bottles to brighten your mood

Special to WJW Being originally from California, when I want to lighten the mood, I usually reach for a something from the Golden State, like the dependably delicious Hagafen Sauvignon Blanc 2016 ($27) from Napa Valley, or the always enjoyable Covenant Red C Rose 2016 ($35) from Sonoma. Both are absolutely fine choices, and I… Read More