Heating up summer menus

The season’s rising temperatures get me so excited by the endless possibilities for healthy cooking. Below is a compilation of some classic summer comfort foods — but with my own twist. Many of the fresh vegetables I use below can be substituted with what’s in stock at your local grocery store or farmers market, so… Read More

How to design a kosher kitchen

Kosher baker Paula Shoyer, author of The New Passover Menu, takes us into her Chevy Chase home for a tour of her 308 square foot kosher kitchen that was remodeled in 2003. What makes for a well-designed kosher kitchen? Here she is in her own voice, as told to WJW reporter Josh Marks. The following… Read More

A deliciously kosher table

The Covenant Kitchen: Food and Wine for the New Jewish Table by Jeff and Jodie Morgan (Schocken Books/OU Press; New York, 2015; 272 pages; $35) For those of us who love food, love wine, seek always to expand our culinary repertoire and also keep kosher, here’s the place to look: The new and wonderful cookbook,… Read More

Silver Crust earns silver medal

The appetizing and vegetable-packed choices at the new Italian dairy kosher restaurant in the Washington Jewish Community Center were enough – but just barely – to overcome the constant view of a steady stream of people heading to and from the gym and the JCC employees hustling to move equipment in preparation for a concert in a nearby… Read More

Out in front

The espresso machine isn’t connected yet. The stainless steel sink is in a corner in the back room, waiting to be hooked up to the plumbing. But the cash register is humming at Café Sunflower in Rockville, as its 10 employees train to greet and serve the public. It’s the day after Purim and the… Read More

The glass matters

For most wine connoisseurs, there is a special place in hell reserved for folks who drink wine out of a Styrofoam cup, and for wine geeks in particular, hell doesn’t begin to repay the crime of drinking such a wine out of such a container. This may all seem a bit silly, and, in a… Read More