Will Gal Gadot be the next Moshe Dayan? As Wonder Woman, is she destined to become as iconic as the Six-Day War hero?

Try to think of the most famous Israelis in history. Not necessarily the most consequential — like any number of Nobel Prize winners or behind-the-scenes Middle East peace deal negotiators — but those who are most universally recognizable. Most lists would likely include a pioneering role model (Golda Meir), a supermodel who once dated Leonardo… Read More

Israeli filmmaker Rama Burshtein plots risky ‘Wedding Plan’

The grin-inducing trailer for “The Wedding Plan” nonetheless suggests one unhappy outcome: Did Israeli filmmaker Rama Burshtein sell out? The Orthodox writer-director’s acclaimed debut, “Fill the Void,” was an uncompromising story of a young Orthodox woman grappling with her parents and community’s expectations regarding her prospective husband. In contrast, “The Wedding Plan,” while also being… Read More