David becoming Goliath ‘Censored Voices’ journeys through the uneasy first impressions of the men who fought in the Six Day War

Viewers on the far left of the political spectrum will come away from Censored Voices, an Israeli documentary about the Six Day War, with their belief in Israel as occupier and oppressor validated. Viewers on the right will look for holes and inconsistencies in the eyewitness accounts of the men who fought what Israelis called… Read More

Silverman turns serious as desperate housewife in ‘Smile’

Sarah Silverman’s rougher edges have been smoothed by two decades in the spotlight. But make no mistake, she remains an iconoclast unwilling to accept received wisdom and pat generalizations. Most Jewish celebrities follow the path of least resistance with the Jewish press, offering benign anecdotes and routine platitudes. Silverman is, shall we say, more complicated…. Read More

Coming-of-age saga explores identity

Review Exceptionally intelligent and resourceful, and supported by a loving middle-class family, the young protagonist of A Borrowed Identity has a wide-open future. He does have one handicap, though, that will block his ascent into the upper echelons of Israeli society: He’s a Palestinian. Adapted by Arab Israeli writer Sayed Kashua from his humor-laced autobiographical… Read More