A Jewish rocker rediscovers his sonic roots

NEW YORK — It’s a humid Friday evening at an outdoor plaza at Manhattan’s tony Lincoln Center. But despite the oppressive weather, some 200 people have gathered to hear live gospel music. The singers, seven African-American teenagers, are dressed in plaid button-downs and polos, and appear a bit timid as they stand onstage waiting for… Read More

Street dance, with guitar Dancer Yolit Yospe-Kachlon and company present a traditional flamenco show on Saturday night in Rockville

“When you hear a flamenco song, you don’t have to understand the words to feel the emotions,” Yolit Yospe-Kachlon said last week following a four-hour teaching and rehearsal stint at a Rockville dance studio. Yospe-Kachlon doesn’t just feel the emotions when flamenco musicians sing and play guitar. She dances them. Israeli-born, she grew up on… Read More

Hip-hop artist seeks a place for Israel in Arab Middle East

Israeli hip-hop star Shaanan Streett joked that his progressive perspective on Israeli society probably wasn’t reflected at the recent AIPAC policy conference. The lead singer of Israeli hip-hop groove collective Hadag Nahash led a candid conversation on April 4 at the Washington, D.C. Jewish Community Center. “The first thing I want to speak about is… Read More