Israeli violinist’s career on the rise

Israeli-born violinist Netanel Draiblate, concertmaster to “three-and-a-half” orchestras in the region, has seen his solo career blossom of late. Draiblate, who makes his home in Odenton, serves as concertmaster to the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra, the Lancaster Symphony Orchestra, the Lake Forest Symphony and the project-based experimental PostClassical Ensemble. In a typical year, Draiblate performs one… Read More

Chanukah kicks off with concerts Baltimore and Washington areas have some rockin’ holiday shows

Chanukah is a complicated holiday for many. While its more recognizable symbols and rituals have to do with the miracle of the oil, Chanukah’s story is also that of a military victory. “We’re celebrating two separate things … so it’s kind of schizophrenic,” said Beth El Congregation Cantor Thom King. “The main reason the oil… Read More

Singer, actor, activist Theodore Bikel dies at 91

Theodore Bikel, an actor and folk singer who was recognized in 1997 with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Foundation for Jewish Culture, has died at 91. Bikel, who won fame playing Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof,” doing more performances of the role than any other actor, died of natural causes on Tuesday… Read More

Celebrating Shabbat and the Grateful Dead What a long, strange trip it’s been

The American-born resident of Kfar Maimon, a religious moshav in southern Israel, Eliovson is an ordained rabbi, though an unconventional- looking one in brightly colored pants, fedora and purple T-shirt with the Grateful Dead’s famed dancing bear logo on it. A father of five, Eliovson is also the founder of JamShalom, a “grassroots movement bringing spiritual connection… Read More

Hungarian music has audience dancing in the aisles

Hungarian music can get even the most staid audience out of their seats, stomping their feet, clapping their hands and nodding their heads in joyous celebration. It took a while to warm up the crowd at Sixth & I Historic Synagogue last Thursday evening, but eventually people were dancing in the aisles as if they… Read More

All-star band brings James Brown back to life Baltimore natives anchor the James Brown Dance Party, coming to Baltimore and Washington this weekend

Although James Brown passed away nearly a decade ago after 73 funky years on earth, the Godfather of Soul’s immortal music remains. James Brown is, to me, the quintessential funk,” said Adam Chase, a Baltimore native who now lives in Asheville, N.C. “When it comes to [funk], there’s no better than James Brown.” Chase, along… Read More

Social climber

Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868) was the most famous opera composer of his time. He composed The Barber of Seville in 13 days (he claimed 12 days) and just one year later he composed La Cenerentola when he was 25 years old. Rossini believed in the ideals of the Enlightenment and he befriended and worked together with… Read More