Classical rockers

Israel has its share of international rock stars: Idan Raichel, David Broza, Noa, Rita, Rami. Sure they’ve traveled the world, hung platinum albums on their walls and achieved fame far and wide, but none has the longevity, grandeur and unadulterated popularity as Israel’s original “rock star” orchestra: the Israel Philharmonic. On Sunday, the Israel Phil… Read More

Bach, deeply

“The first keyboard piece of Bach that I remember hearing were his Inventions,” renowned New York pianist Simone Dinnerstein wrote recently. She talked about how impossibly expressive and virtuosic the music sounded, noting it was “wholly beyond my abilities” as a young music student on the cusp of being a teen. On Sunday, Dinnerstein will… Read More

Mark Cohen on Allan Sherman

“So he did something very important, and I think we’re still living in the Allan Sherman moment. He helped to invent the American Jewish personality that we see everywhere today,” biographer Mark Cohen says.

Yizkor Requiem combines moving liturgical traditions

There are many stunning moments of Jewish and Christian confluence to hear in Thomas Beveridge’s “Yizkor Requiem,” his hour-long piece for chorus and orchestra that builds bridges between two liturgical and spiritual traditions — Judaism and Christianity, as its very title suggests. Yizkor is, of course, the memorial service for the dead and the practice… Read More

Yeah, yeah, yeah

My colleague Larry Yudelson brought to my attention a rock and roll trivia discovery with an excellent Jewish angle hidden within: The Guardian’s Data Blog extracted the lyrics of each of the Beatles 300 or so recorded songs and then ranked the individual words by the number of times the Fabs sang them.

Balkan Beat Box performs music with a message

Group of Israeli ex-pats at 9:30 Club Ori Kaplan says the name of his group — Balkan Beat Box — is a meeting between the Old World and technology. by Lisa Traiger Arts Correspondent When the New York-based band Balkan Beat Box, founded by a trio of Israeli ex-patriot musicians, returns to Washington for a… Read More