Will Gal Gadot be the next Moshe Dayan? As Wonder Woman, is she destined to become as iconic as the Six-Day War hero?

Try to think of the most famous Israelis in history. Not necessarily the most consequential — like any number of Nobel Prize winners or behind-the-scenes Middle East peace deal negotiators — but those who are most universally recognizable. Most lists would likely include a pioneering role model (Golda Meir), a supermodel who once dated Leonardo… Read More

Dropping acid (from your diet)

We had a recent dinner guest who, after confirming his arrival time, advised us that he is on a low-acid/high-alkaline diet. This diet gained some popularity when Victoria Beckham tweeted about it a few years back as a health and weight-control program. It has spread to help those suffering from reflux and associated stomach woes,… Read More

Israeli filmmaker Rama Burshtein plots risky ‘Wedding Plan’

The grin-inducing trailer for “The Wedding Plan” nonetheless suggests one unhappy outcome: Did Israeli filmmaker Rama Burshtein sell out? The Orthodox writer-director’s acclaimed debut, “Fill the Void,” was an uncompromising story of a young Orthodox woman grappling with her parents and community’s expectations regarding her prospective husband. In contrast, “The Wedding Plan,” while also being… Read More

Portraits of remarkable people Review

Survivor: A portrait of the survivors of the Holocaust,” by Harry Borden. London: Cassell Publishing, 2017. 276 pp. $39.99. Peter Lantos has reached a “perfect moment of peace.” He feels “no pain, no anger and no hate.” Leon Jedwab, on the other hand, says he “still lives with his nightmares.” Adam Nathan Adams seems upset… Read More