Ben Katchor illuminates the results

The graphic novelist speaks at Sixth & I by David Holzel Senior Writer Ben Katchor pondered the topic of sardine cans during his appearance at Sixth & I Historic Synagogue in the District last week. Katchor, creator of graphic books including Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer and The Cardboard Valise, was asked about an illustrated… Read More

Hank Greenberg in extra innings

Washington filmmaker Aviva Kempner rereleases her bio of the Jewish slugger by David Holzel Senior Writer “I think Hank Greenberg was the great American hero,” Washington filmmaker Aviva Kempner says. “What he did on Yom Kippur. What he faced. He was our Jackie Robinson.”

Kitchen conversions

Chef Todd Gray, owner of Equinox in the District, prepares his pistachio crusted loin of lamb with roasted garlic jus. Photos by Stacy Zarin Photos by Stacy Zarin Pistachio Crusted Loin of Lamb with Roasted Garlic Jus by Meredith Jacobs Managing Editor For Todd Gray, owner and chef of Equinox, Jewish food taught him about… Read More

Balkan Beat Box performs music with a message

Group of Israeli ex-pats at 9:30 Club Ori Kaplan says the name of his group — Balkan Beat Box — is a meeting between the Old World and technology. by Lisa Traiger Arts Correspondent When the New York-based band Balkan Beat Box, founded by a trio of Israeli ex-patriot musicians, returns to Washington for a… Read More

Updated Passover classics

Manischewitz truly is a Jewish mom’s best friend (and I’m not talking about the wine). They’ve updated classic Passover recipes to meet modern palates and nutritional standards (goodbye schmaltz, hello olive oil). Here are a few to get you in the Passover mood, but check out for more!

Voila! Hallah

by Emily Jacobs Staff Writer Leah Hadad’s story is one of hard work and dedication. Hadad, owner of Tribes a Dozen and creator of Voila! Hallah premade mixes, worked for five years to perfect her recipe and business plan in hopes of creating delicious and practical premade challah mixes. As of July 2012, Hadad’s three… Read More

Kibbutznik’s dance piece

‘Mad Siren’ at Dance Place in D.C. The Idan Cohen Dance Company dances in “Mad Siren,” the piece the group will perform at Dance Place Feb. 23-24. by Lisa Traiger Arts Correspondent “Due to the very real sirens outside, tomorrow’s performance of “Mad Siren” is unfortunately canceled.” read the notice choreographer Idan Cohen sent out… Read More

Superheroes, super-Jews

Left: Detective Comics #71. Batman, Robin & The Joker™ Cover art by Jerry Robinson. © 1942 DC Comics. All rights Reserved. Used with Permission. From the collection of Jerry Robinson. Right: Wonder Woman #1, Summer 1942. Publisher: DC Comics Collection of Michigan State University Libraries. Left: Detective Comics #71. Batman, Robin & The Joker™ Cover… Read More

‘Race’ and veracity at DCJCC

by Lisa Traiger Arts Correspondent There are no shades of gray in David Mamet’s provocative legal drama Race, which deals with guilt and innocence, truth and fabrication, in black and white. For Mamet, race is everything in a case concerning a wealthy white man accused of rape by a black hotel housekeeper. That Mamet’s 2009… Read More