Yizkor Requiem combines moving liturgical traditions

There are many stunning moments of Jewish and Christian confluence to hear in Thomas Beveridge’s “Yizkor Requiem,” his hour-long piece for chorus and orchestra that builds bridges between two liturgical and spiritual traditions — Judaism and Christianity, as its very title suggests. Yizkor is, of course, the memorial service for the dead and the practice… Read More

Experiencing chasidic life with jujitsu-practicing rabbi

Journalist Rebecca Dana chronicles her time living with a lapsed Chabad rabbi in Brooklyn in her new book, Jujitsu Rabbi and the Godless Blonde. Photo by Terry Gruber by Chavie Lieber JTA News and Features NEW YORK – What would happen if a pretty, educated, secular journalist experiences a horrible breakup, finds herself broke and… Read More

Chronicling the (Rahm) Emanuel brothers

by Fran Kritz Ezekiel Emanuel, 56, older brother of Chicago Mayor Rahm and Hollywood agent, Ari, has just written a book about the three superstar siblings, Brothers Emanuel: A Memoir of an American Family. Zeke, as he’s known, charted a more cerebral path — following in the footsteps of the family patriarch, Benjamin, to become… Read More

Updated Passover classics

Manischewitz truly is a Jewish mom’s best friend (and I’m not talking about the wine). They’ve updated classic Passover recipes to meet modern palates and nutritional standards (goodbye schmaltz, hello olive oil). Here are a few to get you in the Passover mood, but check out manischewitz.com for more!

The modern menu

Call it b’shert, but the day I decided to treat my family to baby lamb chops for dinner was the day I received The Modern Menu: Simple. Beautiful. Kosher.(Gefen) in the mail.

Celebrating the tastes of Shavuot

Growing up in Denver in the 1950s and ’60s, Shavuot was one of those holidays that only existed in my Hebrew schoolbooks. Sure, we celebrated all the “headliners” of the Jewish calendar – Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Passover, Purim and Chanukah. My Reform-affiliated family even had Friday night dinner together nearly every week complete with… Read More

Yeah, yeah, yeah

My colleague Larry Yudelson brought to my attention a rock and roll trivia discovery with an excellent Jewish angle hidden within: The Guardian’s Data Blog extracted the lyrics of each of the Beatles 300 or so recorded songs and then ranked the individual words by the number of times the Fabs sang them.