The Last Word with Donna A. Lewis

Donna A. Lewis is the pen and wit behind the comic “Reply All.” By day, Lewis is an attorney at the Department of Homeland Security. But that left her with her off hours to fill. Two years ago, her four-panel “Reply All” debuted through the Washington Post Writers Group syndicate. Its main character is Lizzie,… Read More

Book offers kosher cuisine that is ‘healthy, simple, stylish’

Helen Nash, author of Kosher Cuisine and Helen Nash’s Kosher Kitchen, has a wonderful New Year’s present for kosher cooks everywhere. Available at bookstores around the country and online retailers, Helen Nash’s New Kosher Cuisine: Healthy, Simple & Stylish (Overlook Press, $35.00) offers easy-to-follow recipes that take a modern twist on classic dishes. From broccoli… Read More

Nine-year-old winning chef

Madeleine Steppel chops tomatoes in Camp Louise’s kitchen as she helps prepare her award-winning recipe that earned her a lunch with first lady Michelle Obama. by Suzanne Pollak Staff Writer Children at Camp Louise, an overnight Jewish camp in western Maryland, feasted on fish chowder Monday in a recipe created by fellow camper and now… Read More

Nothing says ‘holiday’ better than brisket

As a kid, I learned to expect brisket at almost every holiday dinner, except for Thanksgiving. Even if we went to the home of one of my six aunts, we had brisket. Usually, it was the brisket recipe du jour, made with coke or onion soup or potatoes and carrots. I was sure there were… Read More

Light and lively pasta salads

by Faye Levy The Jerusalem Post Pasta is a favorite food of mine, but I don’t always find pasta salads appealing. Too many are too heavy and mayonnaise-sodden. In fact, light pasta sounds almost like an oxymoron. But, my niece, Liora Kahn Taylor, came up with a great solution. Her salad, which she made for… Read More