Simon says The creator of 'The Wire' opens up about Martin O’Malley, Charm City’s future and growing up in a house of storytellers

Yonkers, N.Y., may be the setting of David Simon’s newest TV drama — his miniseries Show Me a Hero premiers Aug. 16 on HBO — but the chronicler of the streets of Baltimore — Homicide, The Corner, The Wire — insists the struggles remain the same. “It was a different argument, but it was the… Read More

Glimpsing biblical times from under ‘The Red Tent’

Review A corrective of sorts to the Hebrew Bible’s predominantly patriarchal view of seismic events and everyday tribal life, Lifetime’s emotion-tapping adaptation of The Red Tent fulfills one’s modest expectations for a prime-time soap opera in period garb. Anita Diamant’s best-selling saga of female self-actualization and familial tribulation, centered on Jacob’s daughter Dinah, is rendered… Read More