Glimpsing biblical times from under ‘The Red Tent’

Review A corrective of sorts to the Hebrew Bible’s predominantly patriarchal view of seismic events and everyday tribal life, Lifetime’s emotion-tapping adaptation of The Red Tent fulfills one’s modest expectations for a prime-time soap opera in period garb. Anita Diamant’s best-selling saga of female self-actualization and familial tribulation, centered on Jacob’s daughter Dinah, is rendered… Read More

Netanyahu tour guide for public TV special

An hour-long special giving viewers a virtual tour of Israel is set to air on Maryland Public Television next week. Israel: The Royal Tour features CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg as he’s given an extensive tour inside the country by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu and Greenberg will explore many of Israel’s iconic… Read More

PBS series to cover 3,000 years of Jewish history

A new PBS documentary highlighting 3,000 years of Jewish history has its U.S. premiere this month. The Story of the Jews, which first aired on BBC last year, is narrated by British Jew Simon Schama, a history professor at Columbia University. The five-episode documentary, which will air in two parts, follows Schama — an Emmy… Read More

‘Girls’ Season 3, Episode 10 Recap: ‘Role-Play’

The debacle concerning Hannah’s grandmother’s death from last week’s episode (that I failed to recap, sorry folks) has been completely wiped off the face of the Girls universe, as do many important events on this show, including Adam’s sister Caroline, who hasn’t been seen or spoken of since Hannah kicked her out. I guess we’re supposed to… Read More