A sampling of wines, new and familiar

I recently attended a tasting of the wines and spirits imported and distributed by Allied Importers USA, the second largest importer and distributor of kosher wines in this country. Over the course of its nearly 40 years in operation, the Long Island City, N.Y,-based company has developed a reputation in the kosher wine trade for… Read More

Israeli winemakers mix it up

It is often said the best way to make a small fortune in the wine business is to begin with a large one. Indeed, winemaking is an inherently risky business. The weather, obviously, is unpredictable. Wine is subject to complex market forces, stiff global competition and the vagaries of consumer tastes. The prudent approach, it… Read More

Break the fast with food — and drink

Breaking the Yom Kippur fast is customarily celebrated with family and friends. While the meal occurs at the end of a long day, the foods are usually some variation of a dairy or pareve breakfast or brunch. While there are often loads of desserts and other sweets, such as honey or jams — serving as… Read More

The difference between entertainment and extravagance

Entertaining loads of friends and family over the holidays is expensive enough just for food. Adding several bottles of wine costing $30 or more at each meal can easily tip the balance between entertainment and extravagance. So here are more modest options to consider. Cantine del Borgo Reale, Prosecco Brut, (Non-Vintage), Italy ($18; mevushal): This… Read More

A chardonnay for many tastes

Until the 20th century and the ascent of varietal labeling of wine, the name chardonnay was known only to vine growers, despite its being the sole grape variety for all of Burgundy’s finest white wines. Thanks to advances in science, and through DNA profiling, the origins of chardonnay have been sourced to the pinot noir… Read More

Reflect on these wines as the old year ends

This is traditionally a time of reflection. Over the next few weeks, I’ll endeavor to approach the new year ahead with a focused, fresh, revitalized attitude toward my wine choices. Here are some fine options: Matar by Pelter, Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, 2014 ($32; non-mevushal): This is a lovely, summery, fresh, crisp and aromatic blend of… Read More

Looking to spend $1,000 on whisky?

I’ve never really had much interest in the lifestyles of the rich, nor do I begrudge anybody their wealth, but I do try to stay nominally on top of the “super expensive, top-shelf, trophy-style” single malt Scotch whisky category. Recently, however, folks have asked me for serious recommendations for purchase. A reader told me they… Read More