Chanukah is time to join the club

If Chanukah gift-giving is part of your holiday celebration and there’s a wine lover on your list, look unto these gift ideas. Consider giving a wine club membership. For those who enjoy wine regularly, membership is an excellent way to keep an adequate supply on hand. In the United States, wine clubs began to take… Read More

Open that special bottle already

A common problem among wine lovers is the accumulation of bottles waiting around for special occasions. Sometimes a bottle is special because of the price, purported excellence, rarity or maybe because of memories associated with who gave it. This is a First World problem, to be sure, but a problem all the same. To cope… Read More

Many wines go well with Thanksgiving

When it comes to pairing wines with your Thanksgiving meal, keep in mind that there is no perfect pairing. The interplay of wine and food is necessarily subjective. Besides, in the context of the general bonhomie of Thanksgiving, it’s hard to imagine anybody being actively displeased by whatever wines you offer. Barring relationship breakups, tumultuous… Read More

How I came to love raw eggs

The Snowball cocktail was all the rage in the United Kingdom a few decades back. I’ve avoided it since I learned of its existence and its primary ingredient: Advocaat. Advocaat is a traditional Dutch liqueur made from raw emulsified egg yolks, sugar, and booze (usually brandy, but sometimes grain-based distillate). It seems like a cross… Read More

A single cask, single malt evening

I recently had the good fortune of attending a tasting of 13 whiskies from the fabulous John Milroy Selection brand ( of independently labeled, single cask, single malt Scotch whiskies. While events like this are always fun, I especially enjoyed this for several reasons. Those who have been loyally reading my alcohol-focused scribbles these past… Read More

A sampling of wines, new and familiar

I recently attended a tasting of the wines and spirits imported and distributed by Allied Importers USA, the second largest importer and distributor of kosher wines in this country. Over the course of its nearly 40 years in operation, the Long Island City, N.Y,-based company has developed a reputation in the kosher wine trade for… Read More

Israeli winemakers mix it up

It is often said the best way to make a small fortune in the wine business is to begin with a large one. Indeed, winemaking is an inherently risky business. The weather, obviously, is unpredictable. Wine is subject to complex market forces, stiff global competition and the vagaries of consumer tastes. The prudent approach, it… Read More