Wine and booze bores

Wine is much too important to be taken too seriously. Wine is simply a beverage of refreshment. Little more than a wonderfully natural, and alcoholic, way to quench one’s thirst and enliven things a bit, and it has been since ancient times. Yet wine also lends itself to enthusiasm, and so to fixation. In his… Read More

On balance and blends

One of the most widely sought after descriptions from the mouth, or pen, of a wine critic is the term “balanced.” The term is meant to convey a harmonious interplay between the different components in a wine, including tannins, alcohol, sweetness and acidity. Should any one of these components stand out from the others, that… Read More

Deep in margaritaville

Among the many joys of summer is seasonal produce hitting the stalls of the numerous farmers’ markets scattered throughout the area. These fresh fruits and veggies typically inspire both professional chefs and adventurous home cooks to try novel recipes or pull out some old family favorites. Matching wines to these occasionally exotic combinations can be… Read More

Cool, classic cocktails

  It may seem counterintuitive to discuss cabernet sauvignon during the warm summer months. An ideal wine for cooler weather, the tannins in cabernet make it a poor match to the customary summer fare and an unlikely candidate to consider sipping poolside. But summer may actually be an ideal time to think about buying some… Read More

How to cool off a fried brain

  Sauvignon blanc is one of our favorite warm weather wines. It is produced around the winemaking world in a number of different styles ranging from dry to very sweet dessert wines. The bright flavors and balanced acidity typical of well-made dry, nonsweet versions of sauvignon blancs pair well with lighter summer fare, including cheeses,… Read More

In a rye mood

It seems most appropriate to select an American-made wine when celebrating Independence Day. The holiday also gives us another opportunity to acknowledge one of the country’s finest winemakers, who also happens to limit his production to kosher wines. Ernie Weir, the founder and winemaker of Napa’s Hagafen Winery, has for years created notable wines that… Read More

Drinking wine for ‘lone soldiers’

A wine reception was held recently at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., to support the efforts of one of the programs of the Israel Forever Foundation. Called “The Lone Soldier Project,” it is dedicated to supporting the members of the IDF who lack the comfort of nearby families or communities while they serve. This includes nearly 6,000 IDF soldiers, many of them foreigners and some Israeli orphans and those from broken homes. They have to endure the tribulations of military training and often learn Hebrew in the process, without anyone nearby to offer comfort and encouragement. While their colleagues receive packages and letters from home and have places to go while on leave, these Lone Soldiers must make do by themselves.