Getting pickled? Here are the best wines

The other day a buddy presented this wine-pairing challenge: What goes with homemade pickles? This is fairly tricky. For one thing, vinegar can make wines seem thin and acidic on the palate. Hot spice tends to make alcohol seem hotter, not only throwing off perceptions of a wine’s balance, but also potentially neutering those qualities… Read More

Baking with strawberries

While strawberries are the essence of summer, they are as fleeting as the season. Once you buy strawberries, you must consume them in a couple of days or they turn from crisp, plump ruby berries to soft, withered, watery specimens. But there are ways to prolong the lifespan of strawberries. Before buying them, examine the… Read More

What’s your favorite bedtime story?

Interviews and photographs by Dan Schere At PJ Library of Greater Washington’s Sweet Summer Series event at Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt in North Bethesda.   Sara Brandriss and Sloane “Corduroy” by Don Freeman               Jackie Burman and Dina and Ariel “Something from Nothing” by Phoebe Gilman      … Read More

Make sangria, watch the smiles

The novelist Kingsley Amis wasn’t far off when he described sangria as “cheap, easy to make up and pretty harmless — so that you can drink a lot of it without falling down.” A mixture of wine, fruit, sugar and traditionally a bit of brandy, sangria reportedly originated on the Iberian Peninsula where it was… Read More

5 things Jews are angry about this week

File photo Kotel krisis — The non-Orthodox majority of American Jews are perfectly welcome to worship at the Western Wall as long as they don’t try anything pluralistic like praying with the other sex or holding an all-female service. Prime Minister Netanyahu made that clear when he sided with his haredi-Orthodox coalition partners and put… Read More