Wines fit for the grill

It’s grilling time, and we could not be happier for there are few summer pleasures more gratifying than preparing meals outside. Whether you are a charcoal devotee or a fan of propane, rarely are there foods that don’t do well cooked on a grate. The imparted roasted, smoky flavors are truly irresistible. Besides the usual… Read More

Author reflects on Romanian turmoil

by Eric Hal Schwartz Staff Writer George Joseph did not have an easy childhood. Like nearly all Jews in Transylvania, Romania during the 1930s, 40s and 50s, Josephs faced discrimination, violence and oppression. Beatings, fear and discrimination were all a part of his childhood and have shaped his life since then for good and ill…. Read More

Nothing to be ashamed of

Parodist Allan Sherman helped invent the American Jew of today, says biographer Mark Cohen.   by David Holzel Senior Writer Fifty years ago, a bittersweet novelty song about a boy at summer camp hit the airwaves and caught fire across the globe. Just two weeks after its release, “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah” had sold 300,000… Read More

Soul is lacking in ‘The Hampton Years’

by Lisa Traiger Arts Correspondent “It’s not enough to draw figures and shapes,” the art professor admonishes a student, in The Hampton Years, Theater J’s world-premiere production, “if you can’t put your body and soul into it.”

Mark Cohen on Allan Sherman

“So he did something very important, and I think we’re still living in the Allan Sherman moment. He helped to invent the American Jewish personality that we see everywhere today,” biographer Mark Cohen says.

It’s the terroir, stupid

One of the more fascinating aspects of wine is the influence of “terroir,” a French term that encompasses the various geographic and climatic influences upon a wine’s aromas, flavors and structure. Identical grapes grown in dissimilar locations will have distinctly different characteristics. Distances as small as a few meters between rows of vines can produce… Read More

Between red and white

Rose wines have become increasingly popular. The best embody the brightness of a white wine combined with the complexity usually only found in a red. They range in style from light and bone-dry to fruity and fuller-bodied. Well-crafted roses are very food-friendly, particularly the graceful lighter ones that match perfectly with such summer fare as… Read More

‘Ershter Vals’ uses klezmer, ghetto songs

Ballet at Kennedy Center by Lisa Traiger Arts Correspondent Shira Lanyi didn’t know what to expect the day in 2009 when she walked into a rehearsal with Ma Cong, a new choreographer for the Richmond Ballet. The then 21-year-old young dancer, who attended the Rudlin Torah Academy in Richmond until ninth grade, had been a… Read More