Rethinking Purim

by Julia Shedlin WJW Intern What would Queen Esther and King Ahashveros’ marriage be like a year after he banishes Queen Vashti from the kingdom, he chooses Esther, and she saves the Jews? What about seven years later? And would that relationship still be a strong one decades beyond? Jewish Women International, the leading Jewish… Read More

David Manchester

Jewish leadership is a multifaceted responsibility that requires an individual to balance different roles and responsibilities to improve the Jewish community and one’s connection to communal institutions and other Jews. As Jewish leaders, we need to have a vision and understanding of the desires and needs of the community. We need to navigate institutions working… Read More

Orna Gerling

Always looking forward, learning from everyone and everything, concentrated on the margins of society, feeling it is my duty to promote change, to make every place a better one, looking for the newest challenge, believing a small change can make a big difference. Having the priceless privilege of influencing a new generation of Jews, humans… Read More

Dr. Ben Williamowsky

I am a follower of Rabbi Hillel, who said, “If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, then what am I? And if not now, when?” These ideas encompass tzedakah, mitzvot and tikkun olam.

Carole R. Zawatsky

What I inherited from Sinai, at the core of what Judaism means to me, is a collective responsibility. My actions are not a reflection of myself alone, but part of a larger whole. I wear my past and carry the future with me in my entire being. I have never experienced another way. I have… Read More

Esther L. Lederman

Relate. Engage. Inspire. When I think about what it means to be a Jewish leader, it is these three words that come to mind. Relate – Relationships are at the heart of our community. We can’t achieve anything unless we learn to connect to one another, learn each other’s stories, and act collectively. Jewish leaders… Read More

Alan Fisher

Hashem brings us opportunities to help improve the world, and we must recognize Hashem’s role in what otherwise appears to happen by chance. Purim reminds us that God operated entirely behind the scenes in the Megillah, and His name does not appear anywhere in the text. As Mordechai told Esther, God will save the Jews…. Read More

Audrey Horn

Being a Jewish leader is about building community through personal relationships. I can tie my entry into the D.C. Jewish community to one individual who encouraged me to get involved. Through what she likely thought was a simple gesture, she awakened in me a latent desire to become an active community member. As a Jewish… Read More

Oren Charnoff

A Jewish leader is someone who tries to encourage others to enhance their respective Jewish identity and involvement. I take great pride that UMD TAMID, a group I helped create at College Park, will be sending five students to Tel Aviv for the summer to work with Israeli companies, allowing these students to enhance their… Read More