Esther L. Lederman

Relate. Engage. Inspire. When I think about what it means to be a Jewish leader, it is these three words that come to mind. Relate – Relationships are at the heart of our community. We can’t achieve anything unless we learn to connect to one another, learn each other’s stories, and act collectively. Jewish leaders… Read More

Alan Fisher

Hashem brings us opportunities to help improve the world, and we must recognize Hashem’s role in what otherwise appears to happen by chance. Purim reminds us that God operated entirely behind the scenes in the Megillah, and His name does not appear anywhere in the text. As Mordechai told Esther, God will save the Jews…. Read More

Audrey Horn

Being a Jewish leader is about building community through personal relationships. I can tie my entry into the D.C. Jewish community to one individual who encouraged me to get involved. Through what she likely thought was a simple gesture, she awakened in me a latent desire to become an active community member. As a Jewish… Read More

Oren Charnoff

A Jewish leader is someone who tries to encourage others to enhance their respective Jewish identity and involvement. I take great pride that UMD TAMID, a group I helped create at College Park, will be sending five students to Tel Aviv for the summer to work with Israeli companies, allowing these students to enhance their… Read More

The Minyan: 10 most interesting local Jews of the year

Last year we introduced a new annual feature, the Minyan. We put out the call over Twitter, Facebook, email and print, asking you, our readers, to nominate the year’s most interesting local Jews. We didn’t define “interesting” or “Jew” or even “local” and we didn’t put any restrictions on the nominations. We just asked. And… Read More

Rabbi Jessica Shimberg

For me, being a Jewish leader means being a story weaver. The Jewish tradition of stories, how we share them, and what we learn from hearing and telling them over and over again is what led me to the rabbinate. Some of the most powerful experiences in my journey as a Jewish leader have come… Read More

Andrea Oberheiden and Gary Wyman Brent

Andrea Oberheiden and Gary Wyman Brent have announced their marriage on Wednesday, Aug. 22 at The Grove in Marion, S.C. Andrea is the daughter of Johann and Ingrid Oberheiden of Schonkirchen, Germany, and holds a master of arts degree in German literature, media studies, philosophy and art history. She works as a freelance documentary filmmaker.

Anita and Burton Reiner

Anita and Burton Reiner of Bethesda celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Sunday, Aug. 12. The two were married on Aug. 12, 1952, at B’nai Israel Congregation then located in the District (now in Rockville), by Rabbi Henry Segal. A reception and dinner held at the main ballroom of the Mayflower Hotel followed the ceremony.

Matthew Falk Shopsin and Jennifer Gayle Tucker

Matthew Falk Shopsin and Jennifer Gayle Tucker Sam and Debby Tucker of Potomac have announced the marriage of their daughter, Jennifer Gayle Tucker, to Matthew Falk Shopsin, son of William Shopsin and Susannah and Michael Lewis of New York, on Sunday, June 3 at the Sixth &?I Historic Synagogue in Washington, D.C.