Gather the Jews crowns Jewish guy, girl of the year

Kevin Lieberman and Susan Sloan are the newly-elected Gather the Jews Jewish Guy and Girl of the Year. When the competition for the year’s winner was announced, the website’s previous Jewish guys and girls of the week were told to state each one’s case. “We were supposed to make a video saying why we should… Read More

The top ten Mel Brooks movie lines

Mel Brooks has become one of the most iconic Jewish comic writers with movies like Blazing Saddles, The Producers, and more. I’ve assembled a list of what I feel are the ten best lines from his movies. Feel free to disagree with me on twitter (@MaxMolineWJW) or in the comment section below! 10. From Blazing… Read More

Did you know they were in this?

We’ve all had those “I didn’t know he was in this!” and “So that’s where she got her start!” moments while watching certain movies. So, in case you haven’t noticed them, here’s some Jewish actors you didn’t know were in those things. Elizabeth Banks, Catch Me If You Can: Before she began dazzling us in… Read More

First-world Passover problems

With Passover less than three weeks away, it’s time to start preparing yourself. And by preparing yourself, we mean getting rid of all that chametz out of the house, stocking up on Manischewitz products and getting a Haggadah for your seders that won’t put everybody to sleep. Oh, and watching The Prince of Egypt, because that movie… Read More

Funniest Jewish movie characters

Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you how much I love movies, and comedies in particular. And, as a Jew, I’m generally drawn to the Jewish characters. Here’s a list of my all-time favorites—let me know if I overlooked anyone! 15. Maury Ballstein Actor: Jerry Stiller Movie: Zoolander Iconic quote: “For Christ’s sake… Read More

DC Metro First World Pains

K. So last night, I was stuck on a train that took an hour to go 9 stops; which should take 18 minutes. I was very angry. And I was that guy that everyone steered clear of, cause I was muttering under my breath for most of the ride—and I looked ready to punch a… Read More