Watching Over Hadassah’s Founders

Abed Sayd’s withered face speaks of his years spent in the hot Jerusalem sun, living there throughout British, Jordanian and Israeli rule. He spends his days near his home at the top of the Mount of Olives, a 3,000 year old cemetery where prophets and sages are said to be buried, meticulously tending the special… Read More

Live from Israel – finding the Arch

This morning, I visited the Wall, an emotional place regardless of your religious upbringing. There was a bar mitzvah taking place. A young man was surrounded by his male relatives as they sang and chanted together. The young man’s female relatives stood on chairs along the women’s side and leaned over the wall to observe…. Read More

Jet lag

Within a nine-day span, I traveled aboard El Al. But the two flights couldn’t have been more different. Sunday, July 22, I flew 10 hours with 231 Jews from across the United States and Canada who had decided to begin new lives in Israel. Some came with families. Some went to join family members already… Read More

A stone’s throw

Flash point. That’s what the Israelis call the places where Arabs are most likely to be hurling stones.  See that intersection over there, I am asked. You are fine as long as you are on this side. They point and say, don’t cross that line. Look, see that store? I am asked. A nice Arab… Read More

Live from Israel: the Israel Museum

Two things hit me hard after a day spent at The Israel Museum.  First, civilization has been around for a very, very long time. I saw pottery and tools and funeral items dating back to the 8th, 15th and earlier centuries B.C.E. I even saw bones of a woman in a fetal position with her… Read More

Random Experiences from Israel

Things I am slowly learning: There’s not a problem just because the person near you is carrying a large gun. In fact, it’s a good thing. Just because there are directional signs pointing to what sounds like an interesting place to check out, doesn’t mean it’s so. I followed three signs, walked several blocks, excited… Read More

Live from Israel

I met many incredible people this week who were embarking on their journey to their new lives in Israel. No matter what their story, whether or not they had family living in Israel, could speak Hebrew or knew how they were going to make a living in their new country, they all seemed so dedicated… Read More

Courageous Women

Pres. Obama signed into law the Violence Against Women Act to a cheering crowd of Jewish, Native American, immigrant and LGBT women gathered at the Department of Interior March 7. Amid flashes from cameras from IPads and smart phones, Obama declared he was signing the more-inclusive VAWA “because this is a country where everybody should… Read More

Palestine is a country – Just ask Sporcle

Thanks to Palestine’s recent success at the United Nations, it is now a true country, according to the website Sporcle. For those not familiar, Sporcle is an on-line trivia quiz site that features short quizzes on geography, entertainment, sports, history, literature and many other topics. The quizzes are timed so you might have three minutes… Read More