Trump’s hand-offs to Congress

DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is an executive order issued by then-President Barack Obama in an effort to address one part of the country’s broken immigration system: the status of nearly 800,000 residents who were brought here illegally as children. When President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced their plan to rescind… Read More

Searching for meaning from an unsettling year

Irma. Harvey. Charlottesville. They are the names given to three extraordinary and deadly events, which all happened in the last few weeks. And that’s only a small part of the past chaotic year — in our politics, in our society and in our environment. The surprise election of Donald Trump upended much of our nation’s… Read More

How to help Houston

The size and devastation of Hurricane Harvey came as a surprise. The scenes of catastrophic flooding were barely comprehensible as one of the nation’s largest cities appeared to sink beneath unrelenting rainfall. Four feet of rain fell on Houston, the greatest amount of precipitation from a tropical system in the continental United States. Houston is… Read More

A secure new year

The new year at Jewish day schools involves more than new teachers, new clothes and new backpacks. Particularly in a calendar year that began with a wave of bomb threats phoned to Jewish institutions across the country and a summer that ended with death and injuries caused by white supremacists marching in Charlottesville, day schools… Read More

Complaining rabbis got outmaneuvered by Trump

What is a Jewish group supposed to do when it wants to make a principled statement to the president of the United States? How aggressive should it be? And how carefully should its members consider the political ramifications of what they are doing? After President Trump’s defense of the white supremacists who staged the deadly… Read More

The Forward’s sloppy attack on JCPA

All too often in our heated political environment people and groups are called on the carpet, not for what they do, but for what they don’t do. And sometimes the finger pointing goes too far. A recent case is an article in the Forward last week that led with the “news” that the Jewish Council… Read More

A lesson in morality from the military

There were clearly counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Va., who came to bang heads, just as there were at least some protesters at the “Unite the Right” rally that Saturday who did not support the hateful messages of white nationalists and neo-Nazis. But pointing out these facts does nothing to undercut a fundamental truth: Brandishing swastikas, chanting… Read More

Bye bye Bannon

Alternately described in the press as a political Svengali, the id of President Donald Trump and the soul of the arch-conservative wing of the Republican Party, Stephen K. Bannon was the White House man many in the Jewish community both feared and loved to hate. During and after last year’s presidential campaign, Bannon’s Breitbart News… Read More

Welcome home, Gil Preuss

Gil Preuss, the new CEO and executive vice president of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, couldn’t have picked a better community to lead. Granted, we’re a bit biased in our assessment, but the fact is that no other locale in the United States offers the same unique combination we have here in terms of… Read More

This is our America

The white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville last weekend were at once a pathetic group of notorious hate-mongers, while at the same time, a frightening gathering of like-minded anti-Semites and racial bigots. They showed no restraint in spewing their venom, as they shouted “Jew will not replace us!” and chanted “The goyim know!” They carried… Read More