Stitch us back together

Lost sleep Strife in families Ignoring and unfriending friends in real life and on Facebook Screaming matches Post-traumatic stress These are only a few of the consequences that our polarized country and American Jewish community have dealt with through the course of a long, contentious presidential campaign culminating in the election of Donald Trump. Jewish… Read More

Letter from my niece — sort of

Dearest Auntie  Carole, Hey there. We will be flying in for your and my birthdays next week  and I can’t wait to see you. However, I wanted to write this ahead of time  so you can think about  the reason I am writing  before you see me. I know you are a psychotherapist (did I… Read More

Elie Wiesel, the boy from Taverny

Some fifty years have passed since that memorable evening when, as a participating author, I was invited to attend a private reception to honor the Keynote speaker at a Florida Book Event. Could the man, who was to address us, have been one of the youngsters in my charge when as a volunteer social worker… Read More

Each stitch of the basket

The following is Sam Slater’s graduation speech at Shoresh Hebrew High School in Rockville. The graduation was June 5. My shoreshim in Shoresh are very deep and something of which I am very proud. I am the fourth Slater to graduate from Shoresh and I still remember my first Shoresh class – I was in… Read More

‘A comfortable place to learn and grow’

The following is Jessica Kaplan’s graduation speech at Shoresh Hebrew High School in Rockville. The graduation was June 5. As a freshman switching to Public School, after being at a Jewish Day School my entire life, going to Shoresh was not a question of debate, nor was it unfamiliar or uncomfortable. With in my first… Read More

Shoresh: A Way to Teen Engagement

David Bryfman’s May 12 article (“Jewish Teenagers want to engage. Just ask them”) rightly points out the critical importance of engaging post-b’nai mitzvah teens in Jewish programs of substance.  We at Shoresh Hebrew High School could not agree more.  Since 1999, Shoresh has developed a successful model of text-based Jewish study for students who attend… Read More