Totality worth it

After a tiresome 13-hour drive, my family and I arrived at our hotel in Kentucky – we were now officially eclipse-chasers! Exhausted, we immediately went to sleep, but I had difficulty sleeping because I couldn’t stop thinking of the exciting event that brought us here – the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017. I had never seen an eclipse… Read More

At TAMIDcon 2017, students learned about business through Israel

More than 175 passionate college business students gathered in early September for TAMIDcon, bringing together student leaders from each of TAMID Group’s 46 college chapters that offer students experiential learning through business in Israel. For TAMID’s leadership, it is the most highly anticipated event of the year filled with learning, creating, and collaborating. This was… Read More

Magen Davids in Latvia

How would you feel if you stopped at an end-of-year fair to buy some handmade souvenirs and saw a decorated Xmas-tree surrounded by children with decorated Stars of David in their hands? Most likely, a feeling of disgust would prick your heart, while your brain came up with some justification: Chanukah and the New Year… Read More

A Canadian view of the refugee crisis

Like all Canadians, I am fascinated and horrified by the news of desperate refugees seeking asylum in Canada. It boggles my mind. I am transfixed. These stories are too close to my heart.  Over thirty years ago I came to Canada as a young refugee, but to get here I had to first walk over… Read More

Welcoming refugees: a moral imperative

In his newly-revised, controversial executive order, President Trump suspended significant parts of the United States refugee program for 120 days and also decreased the number of refugees allowed into our country by 50%. It blocks the entry of people who are suffering greatly and are fleeing their country because of persecution. I feel personally connected to… Read More

Charlene Sorkine: Unknown hero of the French resistance

In Nice, France, during World War II, Charlotte Sorkine as a teenager conveyed groups of children to the Swiss border to be rescued. Under Maurice Loebenberg, a member of the French Resistance and former engraver, she created thousands of false papers. It is estimated that some 20,000 identity cards were produced, saving many lives. Among… Read More

Stitch us back together

Lost sleep Strife in families Ignoring and unfriending friends in real life and on Facebook Screaming matches Post-traumatic stress These are only a few of the consequences that our polarized country and American Jewish community have dealt with through the course of a long, contentious presidential campaign culminating in the election of Donald Trump. Jewish… Read More

Letter from my niece — sort of

Dearest Auntie  Carole, Hey there. We will be flying in for your and my birthdays next week  and I can’t wait to see you. However, I wanted to write this ahead of time  so you can think about  the reason I am writing  before you see me. I know you are a psychotherapist (did I… Read More