British Bias Censorship, aka the BBC

My name is David. I was named after my great grandmother, Devosyah, who is buried in a massive grave of over 100,000 souls in Babi Yaar.  And this very week swastikas desecrated her final resting place, defiling her soul just one more time. In any alternative universe that would be a global headline, but we live… Read More

Collaboration at its best

Reinventing. Rethinking. Rebranding. Innovating. They’re all buzzwords we hear today – whether talking about education, healthcare, product marketing, or Jewish communal work. We’re living in a time in which endless access to information and 24 hour communication is challenging us to question just about everything. As a result, we have seen new models of business,… Read More

The consequences of a ‘chickensh*t’ policy

No doubt the gang in the Obama administration have been congratulating themselves for planting some juicy insults aimed at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jeffrey Goldberg’s latest column in The Atlantic. But now that the wiseacres in the West Wing and/or the State Department have done their dirty work the question remains what will… Read More

What it feels like to be a potential victim

Many in the Jewish community seem to be transfixed at the moment with the ongoing voyeurism scandal concerning Rabbi Barry Freundel. A flood of articles has been published throughout the United States and Israel focusing on the details of the police investigation or debating mikvah politics and Orthodox Judaism. These are important issues, but they’re… Read More

Women need to speak up about mikvah

Vashti is a heroine of the Purim story because she chose not to expose her naked body to the Court despite the King’s requests. Unfortunately, she is put to death because of this. Esther, on the other hand, wins the King’s favor, survives and saves the entire Jewish people! The Purim story seems relevant to… Read More

Why I chose not to program ‘The Death of Klinghoffer’ and why I still support it

Over the past week or so I’ve had many difficult exchanges with friends and family over social media around posts I’ve shared about the Metropolitan Opera’s production of The Death of Klinghoffer. I’ve shared articles defending the production, reviews of its artistic merit, social critiques of what the controversy represents and even parallel experiences of the production in other cities. Those who… Read More

Giving Tuesday is around the corner. Are you ready?

#GivingTuesday – a recent addition to the philanthropic lexicon – represents an enormous, still largely untapped opportunity for the Washington, D.C., region’s Jewish nonprofits to reach new donors, galvanize their supporters, and join in the conversation at the water cooler and on social media to raise money. And it will be here soon – on… Read More