Each stitch of the basket

The following is Sam Slater’s graduation speech at Shoresh Hebrew High School in Rockville. The graduation was June 5. My shoreshim in Shoresh are very deep and something of which I am very proud. I am the fourth Slater to graduate from Shoresh and I still remember my first Shoresh class – I was in… Read More

‘A comfortable place to learn and grow’

The following is Jessica Kaplan’s graduation speech at Shoresh Hebrew High School in Rockville. The graduation was June 5. As a freshman switching to Public School, after being at a Jewish Day School my entire life, going to Shoresh was not a question of debate, nor was it unfamiliar or uncomfortable. With in my first… Read More

Shoresh: A Way to Teen Engagement

David Bryfman’s May 12 article (“Jewish Teenagers want to engage. Just ask them”) rightly points out the critical importance of engaging post-b’nai mitzvah teens in Jewish programs of substance.  We at Shoresh Hebrew High School could not agree more.  Since 1999, Shoresh has developed a successful model of text-based Jewish study for students who attend… Read More

Celia Finkel

We called her “Mommom” I explained, because she felt too youthful to be called something “grandmotherly”.  Most of our friends and the neighborhood children called her “Mommom” too, and she played that role as well for many of the hosts for whom she prepared beautiful affairs. During the shiva, visitors commented that many people do… Read More

Heroic efforts to preserve the Yiddish language in Israel

Did you know that there is a little-known group of intellectuals who labor to keep alive “Mameloshn“,  the tongue of their Yiddish-speaking ancestors? To find it, just go to Tel Aviv and look for the Leyvik House. Since 1970 Leyvik House serves as home to the Association of Yiddish Writers and Journalists in Israel and to the… Read More

The Great Tu B’shevat Blizzard of 2016

Jews pray for geshem – rain, and for tal – dew, for Israel… each in its season.  Jews do not pray for sheleg – snow…ever… and certainly not on Tu B’shevat. And SNOW, weather prayed for or not, came to Tu B’shevat this year in the guise of Winter Storm Jonas. Frenzied storm preparations, blizzard… Read More

Rachel Corrie’s fight for human injustice

Just a few weeks ago I was asked, ever so inclusively, to represent our pro-Israel group at the University of Virginia in a panel held after the showing of the play My Name is Rachel Corrie. First off, I would like to thank the director of the play for choosing to include my voice in… Read More