The Chanukah story retold

When the Macabees, or as they were called by some, the HUCKABEES came marching in to Jerusalem up the HILARY to the temple, they found that the SANTORUM had been desecrated by the Syrians.   The first thing they decided to do was to dedicate and re-CHRISTIE it so the place would be holy again and… Read More

‘Bad Jews’: a personal review

I’m always struck after I attend a play how the theater’s rest room assumes the nature of an agora where audience members voice and discuss their reactions to the performance with friends and even strangers. So it was last year as I entered the rest room of the Studio Theater at the conclusion of Bad… Read More

Refugees: A Jewish response to the Jewish response

Thank you Mr. Hetfield for your clear and well written thoughts about the immigration issue. We all struggle as Jews to understand what God wants from us. Yours is indeed a Jewish response to immigration.  It is not “the” Jewish response.  I respect it. Here is another very different, but I think more true and… Read More

My savta, my rabbi

My granddaughter, Noa Rebecca Ende Yager, celebrated her Bat Mitzvah last weekend with a tribute to curiosity. She read from B’reisheet, the first chapter of the first book of Genesis. Noa was poised and confident, full of joy as always. Her sincerity, so touching in a twelve-year-old, was manifest in the set of her shoulders,… Read More

Abraham and Sarah

Abraham and Sarah. Their names evoke a picture of the founders of the Jewish people – a couple known for their dedication to their flock, and to each other.   Abraham and Sarah brought people together, taught them about G-d, and built a people and a community. As a boy growing up in the Woodside neighborhood… Read More

Believing the impossible

I write to you this high holiday season from Amman, Jordan, where I’m working at a UN school for Palestinian refugee girls as a Fulbright teacher. Living 45 miles from Jerusalem has never felt farther. These high holidays I’ve been enjoying apples and honey on my own, hiding my religion not to deceive the Jordanians… Read More

Saturdays with Georges

He was unlike any individual I have ever met and probably you as well. His name was Georges de Paris, a suitably colorful name for an extraordinarily charismatic and kind individual. Georges was the tailor to the current president and to every president since Lyndon Johnson. I met Georges about a dozen years ago when… Read More