Letters Oct. 19, 2017

Landa organized Oberlin’s Jewish alumni I have never personally met Melissa Landa. I became aware of who she was when an anti-Semitic activity was reported on a Facebook page authored by an associate professor at my alma mater, Oberlin College (“Loh seeks meeting on Landa firing,” Oct. 12). Professor Landa organized Jewish alumni, making us aware… Read More

Letters Oct. 12, 2017

Cooperation with Nazis My mother’s diary, written while she, her husband and small child were hiding in Ukraine during the Holocaust, describes how the local population more than cooperated with the Germans in the final solution (“Holocaust in USSR is a story asking to be told,” Oct. 5). The diary was translated from Yiddish into… Read More

Letters Oct. 5, 2017

Neither fixing nor nixing Regarding your editorial “A Scary General Assembly” (Sept. 28): Iranians do not need “to build nuclear weapons.” North Koreans are doing it for them. And no sanctions can discourage Pyongyang from testing, because Teheran will easily and gladly reimburse any such losses with the billions of dollars facilitated by Washington and… Read More

Letters Sept. 28, 2017

Maybe Israelis don’t need liberal religious institutions Thank you for publishing the very thoughtful and cogent article by Saul Golubcow regarding the public airing of a Conservative rabbi’s furious distain for the Orthodox rulings in Israel (“A lost opportunity,” Voices, Sept. 21). As a secular Jew, I find a home in my Conservative synagogue where… Read More

Letters Sept. 21, 2017

Slepak should have rested among “inspiring Jews” The obituary of Maria Slepak, with the story of how she bravely resisted Soviet authorities for almost 20 years, was not among the “11 inspiring Jews who died in 5777,” (Sept. 14). Slepak’s obituary was instead relegated to the last page of the issue. In her place among… Read More

Letters Sept. 14, 2017

Disagreement with op-ed It is a shanda to read the op-ed article by Rabbi Laurie Zimmerman (“Why rabbis like me oppose Israel’s ban on boycott, divestment and sanctions activists,” Voices, Sept. 7). She is outraged that Israel would deny certain non-governmental organizations from entering Israel, stifling her version of a legitimate debate. She states with… Read More

Letters Sept. 7, 2017

Tactics for Trump Good tactical point made (“Complaining rabbis got outmaneuvered by Trump,” Editorial, Aug. 31) by WJW. However, the key would not be to look “more rabbinic than political.” President Donald Trump would not have engaged. Rather, the response you propose would have most likely caused Trump to cancel the call because he can’t… Read More

Letters Aug. 31, 2017

BDS itself not anti-Semitic Roger Waters’ apparent anti-Semitism notwithstanding, it should be clear after 50 years of increasingly brutal occupation that dialogue and music have resulted only in increased brutality and arrogance on the part of Israel (“JCRC responds to Roger Waters,” Editorial, Aug. 17). It is unfortunate that the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement,… Read More

Letters Aug. 24, 2017

Twin evils Eric Rozenman points out that today’s anti-Semitism and its twin, anti-Zionism, are spawned mainly by the political left, not the right (“Un-teachable moment: leftist anti-Semitism,” Aug. 10). While that may be true, let us not forget that these twin evils are rooted in religion-based intolerance, not political affiliation. The religious rationale for anti-Semitism… Read More

Letters Aug. 17, 2017

Article misrepresented JCRC views The article, “JCRC holds a grudge over Roger Waters” (Aug. 10), does a great disservice to a complicated issue, misrepresents the views of the JCRC of Greater Washington and is an example of unprofessional journalism. To assert that our agency produced an educational video about Waters’ support for BDS based on… Read More