Letters Sept. 14, 2017

Disagreement with op-ed It is a shanda to read the op-ed article by Rabbi Laurie Zimmerman (“Why rabbis like me oppose Israel’s ban on boycott, divestment and sanctions activists,” Voices, Sept. 7). She is outraged that Israel would deny certain non-governmental organizations from entering Israel, stifling her version of a legitimate debate. She states with… Read More

Letters Sept. 7, 2017

Tactics for Trump Good tactical point made (“Complaining rabbis got outmaneuvered by Trump,” Editorial, Aug. 31) by WJW. However, the key would not be to look “more rabbinic than political.” President Donald Trump would not have engaged. Rather, the response you propose would have most likely caused Trump to cancel the call because he can’t… Read More

Letters Aug. 31, 2017

BDS itself not anti-Semitic Roger Waters’ apparent anti-Semitism notwithstanding, it should be clear after 50 years of increasingly brutal occupation that dialogue and music have resulted only in increased brutality and arrogance on the part of Israel (“JCRC responds to Roger Waters,” Editorial, Aug. 17). It is unfortunate that the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement,… Read More

Letters Aug. 24, 2017

Twin evils Eric Rozenman points out that today’s anti-Semitism and its twin, anti-Zionism, are spawned mainly by the political left, not the right (“Un-teachable moment: leftist anti-Semitism,” Aug. 10). While that may be true, let us not forget that these twin evils are rooted in religion-based intolerance, not political affiliation. The religious rationale for anti-Semitism… Read More

Letters Aug. 17, 2017

Article misrepresented JCRC views The article, “JCRC holds a grudge over Roger Waters” (Aug. 10), does a great disservice to a complicated issue, misrepresents the views of the JCRC of Greater Washington and is an example of unprofessional journalism. To assert that our agency produced an educational video about Waters’ support for BDS based on… Read More

Letters August 10, 2017

Freedom to boycott is the issue We need to recognize that the basic issue raised by the Israel Anti-Boycott Bill (S. 720) is not opposition to Israel’s policies — a topic for another day — but it is the freedom to boycott in general (“Pro-BDS group continues protest,” Aug. 3). Why should this freedom be… Read More

Letters August 3, 2017

Flawed view of intersectionality David Bernstein made a fatal flaw in his opinion piece “Intersectionality excludes and includes; Jews must learn the differences” (Voices, July 20). When he tried to define two types of intersectionality, inclusive and exclusive, he was trying to justify inclusive intersectionality. Of course, many underprivileged peoples have much in common, and… Read More

Letters July 27, 2017

Holding back Israel support doesn’t help Jews Philanthropist Isaac “Ike” Fisher’s suspension of support over the government’s decision on the Kotel and conversions endangers Israel’s security and economy and benefits neither Israeli nor Diaspora Jews (“Groups move carefully on Kotel accord freeze,” July 13). The long-established egalitarian section already provides prayer space for women who… Read More

Letters July 20, 2017

Women of Wall not disruptive I am disappointed and angered by the letter to the editor, “Kotel issue distorted” (July 13). The writer, Robert Berman, terms the attempts to pray, on each Rosh Chodesh, by Women of the Wall “disruptive protests.” The only disruption is the violence instigated by the nearby Orthodox Jews who object… Read More

Letters July 13, 2017

More benefits of PJ Library The Jewish Federation brings PJ Library to life in Greater Washington, offering ways for families to connect Jewishly with their children and the larger community (“PJ Library spurring Jewish connections in NoVa, elsewhere,” study says,” July 6). Federation is involved in PJ Library not because we are in the Jewish… Read More