Letters May 11, 2017

Look at Netanyahu’s decision in a different way The recent Washington Jewish Week editorial (“Netanyahu’s German problem, May 4) concludes that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “snub” of the German Foreign Minister Gabriel’s intent to meet with Breaking the Silence (BTS) sends “a message of intolerance and hostility to diverse opinions — an approach that… Read More

Letters May 4, 2017

Article sullied Holocaust speech Regarding “Trump remembers Holocaust at Memorial” (April 27): It is a shame that the wonderful speech given by President Donald Trump was abbreviated and then besmirched by a litany of events and misstatements previously made by Trump or by his administration. Providing a litany of these minor gaffes denigrates the somberness… Read More

Letters April 27, 2017

Justice for hatred Regarding “Annandale man arrested, appears connected to ‘Aryan Underground’ Twitter” (washingtonjewishweek.com, April 14), I hope the Fairfax Police, manage to prosecute [suspect Dylan M. Mahone] to the fullest extent and that he gets the maximum jail time allowable, plus a few years of community service where he specifically is required to work… Read More

Letters April 20, 2017

JDL is the disgrace I am writing in response to “JDL has backbone” (April 6) praising the JDL for violently reacting to protesters at AIPAC and claiming that these protesters are a disgrace to our community. While I do not agree with many of the protesters claims and statements, I do believe that as Jews… Read More

Letters April 12, 2017

Granting entry to foreigners is Israel’s prerogative The granting of visas to applicants is not a right but a privilege extended to one who applies. The United States has made this crystal clear as it turns down many individuals from entering the United States, including not even those who oppose our government but even those… Read More

Letters April 6, 2017

Disappointed in Greenblatt article I was disappointed to read about the effusive praise lavished on lawyer Jason Greenblatt, the real estate attorney and chief legal officer for the Trump Organization for 20 years (“ ‘Listener’ Greenblatt is Trump’s ears in the Mideast,” March 30). He had just been appointed by President Donald Trump as “special… Read More

Letters March 30, 2017

Examining cork is valid practice The reason for presenting and examining a wine cork is not, as suggested, to evaluate wine fraud or the quality of the wine (“Keep your nose away from the cork,” L’Chaim, March 9). Returning a wine because you picked one you don’t like is inappropriate anyway. The patron — at… Read More

Letters March 23, 2017

Countries can bar people deemed to be a threat Your editorial, “Is Israel shutting the door on skeptics” (March 16), stems disappointment by stimulating anger and disgust. A New York Times editorial came under fire from CAMERA for the same analysis the Washington Jewish Week printed. Any country certainly has a right to keep out… Read More

Letters March 16, 2017

Two-state solution would aid enemies of Israel The only time Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) references that he is Jewish and that he visited Israel over 50 years ago (but not since) is when he scolds Israel? Criticizing Israel doesn’t make one anti-Semitic, but it does when you only criticize Israel and not its enemies (“Sanders… Read More

Letters March 9, 2017

Administration doesn’t embrace tikkun olam concept By all means give Vice President Mike Pence credit for visiting a desecrated St. Louis Jewish cemetery and saying the right thing about hatred and violence (“Pence to the rescue,” Editorial, March 2). I would be less sanguine, however, since most of the messaging from this administration has come… Read More