Letters February 9, 2017

Peace Now refuses to see reality In an interview with Washington Jewish Week, Avi Buskila, the head of Peace Now, provides nothing new (“Respond to fears, says Peace Now head,” Feb. 2). He says Israel “needs an international border,” but borders mean nothing to Palestinians who believe that all of Israel is occupied territory. He… Read More

Letters February 2, 2017

Words of wisdom Regarding the article “Golf club decides to welcome Ex-President Obama” (Jan. 26), in the words of the late Abba Eban, “Men and nations behave wisely when they have exhausted all other resources.” JOSEPH B. GURMAN Seabrook Helping Trump-Kushners relocate Having just finished reading “Dear Ivanka and Jared” (Editorial, Jan. 19), I very… Read More

Letters January 26, 2017

People may dislike Obama’s actions There are many good reasons to dislike, even despise, former president Barack Obama. Over the course of his eight-year tenure in the Oval Office he has weakened America, betrayed our allies and polarized the nation. He willfully ignored the law in pursuit of a narrow political agenda, governing by executive… Read More

Letters January 19, 2017

Wrong to publish D.C. address For Trump-Kushner family I really question the reason for the Washington Jewish Week printing the purported new District of Columbia home address of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump (“Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner moving into D.C. house,” Jan.5). What can the reasoning be? Being the first to print a scoop? Intending… Read More

Letters January 12, 2017

Where’s the concern for Israel? If the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran’s radical leadership wasn’t enough for Jews to abandon the Democrat Party, the recent vote on the U.N. Security Council resolution targeted at Israel may just do the trick. The resolution declared that Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem since the 1967… Read More

Letters January 5, 2017

Obama didn’t support Israel In the article “Obama lights the menorah one last time,” (Dec. 22) the writer used the term “irony” to describe how two of these events (Chanukah holidays) fell exactly on the same day as other holidays, Thanksgiving in 2013 and Christmas in 2016. The true irony here is how President Barack… Read More

Letters December 29, 2016

Pro-Israel ‘coalition’ doesn’t speak for all We are concerned about the actions and communications coming from the Coalition of Pro-Israel Advocates (COPIA) following the Chanukah observance described in the Dec. 22 issue of the Washington Jewish Week (“Obama lights the menorah one last time”). My wife and have I received two e-mail messages from COPIA targeting… Read More

Letters December 15, 2016

Concerns about headline Perhaps I am a bit too sensitive — or perhaps showing my age, but I am a bit uncomfortable with your headline, “Chanukah gift ideas for newcomers to the tribe” (Chanukah Gift Guide, Dec. 8).  I find “to the tribe” a bit offensive. Otherwise, I very much admire your publication immensely, as… Read More

Letters for Dec. 8, 2016

Shared value of gratitude leads To formation of interfaith group The Washington Jewish Week’s coverage of the Nov. 22 Interfaith Thanksgiving Service at Congregation Har Shalom (“Faiths join for Thanksgiving service,” Dec.1) was much appreciated by the nine participating faith communities.  Unfortunately the article omitted the Islamic Community Center of Potomac. What was so remarkable… Read More

Letters December 1, 2016

Article inflames post-election tensions Washington Jewish Week demonstrated irresponsible and inflammatory journalism by replacing facts with speculation in the article, “Post-election rallies reinforce solidarity of minorities,” Nov. 24). The article refers to recent rallies held “in response to a rash of hate crimes and fear caused by President-elect Donald Trump’s threats against minorities.” In this… Read More