Letters 10/31/13

Stand against get-refusers Recent news reported on rabbis who were arrested in an FBI raid and accused of plotting to torture a recalcitrant husband in order to give a get (Jewish divorce). This story highlights the desperation of agunot, women who are chained to dead marriages, and underscores the care with which the agunah crisis… Read More

Letters 10/24

‘The real thing’ Loud applause for David Holzel and WJW for the long and detailed article (“Messianic challenge,” Sept. 26) about Jews for Jesus and similar movements. It provided a lot of background information needed to understand why Jews can’t simply shrug and choose to ignore “those people.” If there are Jewish souls out there… Read More


Messianic Jews Recently, I went to my podiatrist, Dr. Adam Spector, who is Jewish. I no sooner got through telling him about the article “Messianic challenge” (WJW, Sept. 26) than he stepped out only to reappear with a peculiar look, holding a pamphlet. He handed me the pamphlet saying, “A patient just gave me this.”… Read More


Right-wing ideology Dr. Howard Sachs’ view on the minimum wage (“Don’t raise the minimum wage,” Letters, WJW, Sept. 19) is steeped in the right-wing ideology that what is good for the rich is good for America and if you help the rich, you help the poor. It’s a lie that raising the minimum wage hurts businesses… Read More

Letters 10/3/13

WJW and Walmart together? I was surprised to see Washington Jewish Week and Walmart agree on a matter of policy. Both think it is “Time to Raise the Minimum Wage in Md.” (WJW, Sept. 12). Walmart has recently been in the news on the other side of this debate, but that was only because a… Read More

Letters from September 26, 2013

Wrong impression I have been told that my op-ed “Synagogues talk too much about money” (WJW, Sept. 19) may have given the wrong impression about my current synagogue. I did not reference Adas Israel because it is one of few congregations that does not focus on money but rather on Rabbi Gil Steinlauf’s vision of… Read More

Imperative of two states

Mr. Paul Schneider had it right in his article (“J Street’s time to lead,” WJW, Sept. 12). Israel will never have peace if the West Bank Palestinians don’t have adequate economic conditions and self-respect, which will come only if the Palestinians are not under Israeli jurisdiction. In addition to achieving peace, a two-state solution is… Read More

Rejuvenating identity

I read David Steren’s article, “The Scubi Jew,” (WJW, Sept. 5) with great interest. I would suggest to him that the 12 years of being “force-fed” his Jewish and secular education were well spent. Because he went to a place like the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School, he had a basis on which he… Read More

Missing the point

Rabbi Weinblatt seems to be missing the point about offering “no membership required” for acquiring High Holiday tickets (“It’s more than tickets,” WJW, Sept. 5). First, there are thousands of unaffiliated Jews who do not belong to any synagogues and would most likely forgo attendance at any service if these free offers were not made…. Read More

Don’t raise minimum wage

As to the editorial “Time to raise the minimum wage in Md.” (WJW, Sept. 12): “Opponents of minimum wage argue that it will force employers to hire fewer workers to balance cost. We are not so sure. Costco has reported savings when paying above minimum wage.” Your ideas on minimum wage are steeped in the… Read More