Discretion needed

About “Indecision on Syria may backfire on U.S.” (WJW, Sept. 5), quite apart from whatever long-term consequences an attack on Syria may bring, it is likely to entail losses in the U.S. armed forces. One would have thought that a certain discretion was incumbent upon Jewish commentators in view of the fact that Jewish participation… Read More

Read before attacking

In response to Jay Goldberg’s letter (“False assertions,” WJW, Sept. 5) mocking my statement that Barack Obama dictates the sermons to reform rabbis: If Mr. Goldberg had read the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, and other publications, he would know that each year President Obama has indeed had telephone conferences with hundreds of… Read More

The Syrian quandary

There is no doubt that the Syrian leadership has been killing its own citizens for years, nor that chemical weapons have been used in this campaign. What remains unclear at the moment is whether President Obama’s proposal to take military action is to punish Assad for use of those weapons, or to deter Syria and… Read More

It’s about teachers

As a Jewish educator in the D.C. area for the last 40 years, I read with interest the opinion “Jewish education, is it really Jewish?” (WJW, Aug. 29). During many years, I have had the privilege of working as a teacher, administrator, school counselor and mentor as well as visiting most of the Jewish Day… Read More

False assertions

In his letter “Time for a change” (WJW, Aug. 29), Jonathan Grant has some good suggestions, but again slips into Obama Derangement Syndrome, with the grossly irresponsible and 100 percent false assertion that “similar to when rabbis and Russian Orthodox priests were given their sermons by the chairman of the USSR’s politburo… reform rabbis will… Read More

Dubious methodology

The main takeaway from the Laszlo Strategies poll article (“Just how connected are young people really?” WJW, Aug. 29) — younger Jews care less about Israel than older Jews, despite having had more Jewish education and summer camp — is hardly news. Much prior research (by Steven M. Cohen and others) arrives at similar conclusions… Read More

Time for a change

This year, similar to when rabbis and Russian Orthodox priests were given their sermons by the chairman of the USSR’s Politburo, history will repeat itself and Reform rabbis will, for the fifth time, be given their High Holy Days talking points by none other than Barack Hussein Obama. We should demand better not just from… Read More

Palestinians can change

As the peace negotiations resumed last week and all Jews struggle with the question of whether the Palestinians, nurtured on hatred, might ever be suitable partners in peace, we may take some small measure of hope from the discussion in this last week’s parsha of the eligibility of descendants of the Moabites and Ammonites to… Read More

Where was moral foresight?

As to the article concerning one of our residents, Bernard Liles (“At 101, kicked out of retirement home,” WJW, Aug. 1), I would like to respond as a resident of Maplewood Park Place for almost three years. I’ve had occasion to recuperate in the skilled nursing section of our facility after undergoing minor surgery. Also,… Read More

Arabs treated there

I was very pleased to read an article in WJW that had something positive and important to report about Israel (“Israeli doctor: Technology crucial in medical advances,” Aug. 15).  However, I was disappointed that Eric Hal Schwartz did not mention with one word the fact that the Rambam Hospital treats Arab patients as well. All… Read More