Letters from 7-25-13

Ad hominem attack Wojo Cohen’s letter to the editor (“He’s an apostate,” WJW, July 4) disapproves of Daniel Pipes use of information received from Marvin Olasky (to wit, that the National Endowment for the Humanities, the NEH, spent $1 million collecting and listing books about Islam that were skewed to the apologist side). Cohen says… Read More

Letters for 7-18-2013

Return of vigilantes After a year’s respite the vigilantes of 2011 are back. In an ad (WJW, July 4, p33), something called “Citizens Opposed to Propaganda Masquerading as Art (COPMA)” condemns our local Federation for its annual allocation to the Washington DC Jewish Community Center because in 2014, the center’s Theater J plans to produce… Read More

Letters for 7-11-13

Another library I was delighted to read your recent article about the JWI/Betty Ann Krahnke Center children’s library (“Helping kids make memories,” WJW, June 20).  In 2009, I founded another JWI library in memory of my mother, Ida Kozatch, who was a Colorado native. This library is housed within the Gateway Battered Women’s Shelter in… Read More

Letters for 7-4-13

What about Kar-Ben? Many fans of Kar-Ben Publishing were surprised that you gave credit to PJ Library for changing the “publishing industry” by publishing Jewish books for children (“The pleasures of reading,” WJW, May 30). Kar-Ben was started by Judye Groner and Madeline Wikler in 1974 with My Very Own Haggadah followed by other holiday-related… Read More

Letters from June 27, 2013

Not provocative There is a video going around Facebook of two haredim singing “Hotel California” at what, I assume, is Zion Square. It takes a few seconds to make sense of what is going on — two bearded men, one with an acoustic guitar, one with an electric guitar, singing about heroin addiction. But if… Read More

Letters from June 20, 2013

<b>Not ‘hindsight’</b> In your May 23 edition, Allan Lichtman, co-author of FDR and the Jews, said, “It’s easy to say [FDR] should have done something else [to help the Jews]. Everything can be perfect in hindsight.” Criticism of President Roosevelt’s policy regarding the Holocaust is not “hindsight.” There were many vocal critics at the time… Read More

P.A. Street

P.A. Street Marc Greidinger challenged me to visit J Street’s website (“Go to the website,” Letters, WJW, May 16). I took that challenge. To be sure the website offers politically correct support for the state of Israel, but, on page after page, J Street criticizes Israel, makes demands of Israel, while endorsing all things Arab…. Read More

FDR and the Coast Guard

FDR and the Coast Guard Your May 23 article “Rethinking Roosevelt” quoted Richard Breitman and Allan Lichtman, authors of FDR and the Jews, as claiming that the Roosevelt administration did not send the Coast Guard to prevent the passengers of the refugee ship St. Louis from reaching America’s shore.

Worn-out formulas

Worn-out formulas Alan Elsner asks a pertinent question (“For peace, if not now, when?” WJW, May 16). Unfortunately, his answer takes no account of the real challenges faced by a democratic Israel amidst a sea of belligerent, autocratic regimes. Secretary of State Kerry’s peace mission is based on worn-out formulas that have proven to be… Read More

JCRC is a gem

JCRC is a gem On behalf of the 28 executives of our Federation’s partner agencies, day schools and Hillels, we join in supporting the sentiments expressed in Washington Jewish Week’s May 9 editorial “Our community’s gem in its Diamond Jubilee.” As The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington celebrates its 75th anniversary, we are… Read More