Letters from August 22, 2013

Life-changing program I was gratified to read your coverage of ADL’s Bearing Witness program (“ ‘Bearing Witness’: Catholic educators explore Jewish realm,” WJW, Aug. 1). As a Catholic educator, I can tell you that this program has changed my life and made a profound difference in how I see the world. Since attending the Bearing… Read More

Sulam is great

My 15-year-old son, Max, and I want to express our gratitude to Sulam at the Melvin J. Berman Hebrew Academy. Before Sulam, Max performed on a second-grade level. He did not know important life skills. He did not like going to school. After one year in Sulam, Max reads and does math on a sixth-grade… Read More

Dividing Jews

I am submitting this comment in response to the “HIAS in search of a mission” (WJW, July 25). This article aims to divide Jews. And, in doing so, it reflects a troublesome precedent. Promoting this kind of insularity is what drives many Jews — who might otherwise choose to be affiliated or at least more… Read More

Biblical commandment

As a former Soviet refusenik helped into a new life in America by HIAS, I am compelled to take issue with your July 25 editorial “HIAS in search of a mission.” You write, “According to reports from HIAS, the agency is planning to take its resettlement expertise and infrastructure across the ocean.” In fact, HIAS… Read More

Obvious dichotomy

I was under the impression that the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority were designed to resolve the territorial disputes between the two sides (“Peace parley,” WJW, Aug. 1). Instead Mahmoud Abbas in his recent trip to Egypt established his minimal demands with the statement that no land acquired after the defensive 1967 war… Read More

Anti-Semitic boycott

Make no mistake, the new EU discriminatory rules are anti-Semitic in effect and intent (“EU guidelines: wake-up call or roadblock?” WJW, July 25). These rules promote a particularly insidious form of anti-Semitism, singling out Jews for boycott based on where they live, and turning one Jew against another. This is not surprising given Europe’s sordid… Read More

Outliving your savings

Given today’s lengthy life spans and the number of choices for retirement living, the situation described in the article about Bernard Liles outliving his savings (“At 101, kicked out of retirement home,” WJW, Aug. 1) is likely to occur, unfortunately, more often. Within the not-for-profit sector in general, and the Jewish not-for-profit community in particular,… Read More

Letters for 8-1-13

Biased against Israel In his article (“Panel slams choice of Power as U.S. ambassador to U.N.,” WJW, July 11), Eric Schwartz didn’t mention most of the serious concerns about Power’s views on Israel. Power has complained about Israeli “war crimes” and “human rights abuses”; compared former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to terrorist Yasser Arafat,… Read More

Letters from 7-25-13

Ad hominem attack Wojo Cohen’s letter to the editor (“He’s an apostate,” WJW, July 4) disapproves of Daniel Pipes use of information received from Marvin Olasky (to wit, that the National Endowment for the Humanities, the NEH, spent $1 million collecting and listing books about Islam that were skewed to the apologist side). Cohen says… Read More

Letters for 7-18-2013

Return of vigilantes After a year’s respite the vigilantes of 2011 are back. In an ad (WJW, July 4, p33), something called “Citizens Opposed to Propaganda Masquerading as Art (COPMA)” condemns our local Federation for its annual allocation to the Washington DC Jewish Community Center because in 2014, the center’s Theater J plans to produce… Read More