Letters January 5, 2017

Obama didn’t support Israel In the article “Obama lights the menorah one last time,” (Dec. 22) the writer used the term “irony” to describe how two of these events (Chanukah holidays) fell exactly on the same day as other holidays, Thanksgiving in 2013 and Christmas in 2016. The true irony here is how President Barack… Read More

Letters December 29, 2016

Pro-Israel ‘coalition’ doesn’t speak for all We are concerned about the actions and communications coming from the Coalition of Pro-Israel Advocates (COPIA) following the Chanukah observance described in the Dec. 22 issue of the Washington Jewish Week (“Obama lights the menorah one last time”). My wife and have I received two e-mail messages from COPIA targeting… Read More

Letters December 15, 2016

Concerns about headline Perhaps I am a bit too sensitive — or perhaps showing my age, but I am a bit uncomfortable with your headline, “Chanukah gift ideas for newcomers to the tribe” (Chanukah Gift Guide, Dec. 8).  I find “to the tribe” a bit offensive. Otherwise, I very much admire your publication immensely, as… Read More

Letters for Dec. 8, 2016

Shared value of gratitude leads To formation of interfaith group The Washington Jewish Week’s coverage of the Nov. 22 Interfaith Thanksgiving Service at Congregation Har Shalom (“Faiths join for Thanksgiving service,” Dec.1) was much appreciated by the nine participating faith communities.  Unfortunately the article omitted the Islamic Community Center of Potomac. What was so remarkable… Read More

Letters December 1, 2016

Article inflames post-election tensions Washington Jewish Week demonstrated irresponsible and inflammatory journalism by replacing facts with speculation in the article, “Post-election rallies reinforce solidarity of minorities,” Nov. 24). The article refers to recent rallies held “in response to a rash of hate crimes and fear caused by President-elect Donald Trump’s threats against minorities.” In this… Read More

Letters November 24, 2016

CSP fights militant Islam, but not all Islam Concerning Ron Kampeas’s article about Frank Gaffney and the Center for Security Policy (“Jewish groups urge Israel’s U.S. envoy to reject award from ‘anti-Muslim’ think tank,” Nov. 10), I strongly object to the position taken by ADL, J Street, New Israel fund and no doubt by CARE… Read More

Letters November 17, 2016

NoVa woman instrumental in strengthening community I read with sadness of the passing of Sherry Rodman. She, Ryna Cohen, Judie Linowes and the late Vivian Rabineau were instrumental to Northern Virginia in its first-ever luncheon for United Jewish Appeal (the forerunner of Federation). While serving as the chair of the luncheon, which drew 425 Northern Virginia… Read More

Letters November 10, 2016

Talmud refutes Voices writer on charity Howard Sachs’s “Charity, the American and Jewish Way” (Voices, Nov. 3) displays a breathtaking ignorance of Judaism. One sentence from the Talmud refutes him perfectly: According to Rabbi Hanina (Kid. 31a) “one who is commanded and fulfills the command is greater than one who fulfills it though not commanded… Read More

Letters November 3, 2016

Rent control worsens lack of affordable housing In “Jews United for Justice to D.C. Council: ‘Close the loopholes — this year’” (Oct. 27), Adas Israel’s rabbi states everyone needs to know that shelter is secure and that that is the responsibility of the community. However, it is not the job of the for-profit housing market,… Read More

Letters October 27, 2016

UNESCO today, Judenrein tomorrow This past week’s UNESCO denial of all Jewish (and Christian) historical ties to Jerusalem was infuriating to say the least. As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reflected, it is equivalent to denying China’s link to the Great Wall or Egypt’s link to the pyramids. It is infuriating, but sadly not surprising,… Read More