Letters November 24, 2016

CSP fights militant Islam, but not all Islam Concerning Ron Kampeas’s article about Frank Gaffney and the Center for Security Policy (“Jewish groups urge Israel’s U.S. envoy to reject award from ‘anti-Muslim’ think tank,” Nov. 10), I strongly object to the position taken by ADL, J Street, New Israel fund and no doubt by CARE… Read More

Letters November 17, 2016

NoVa woman instrumental in strengthening community I read with sadness of the passing of Sherry Rodman. She, Ryna Cohen, Judie Linowes and the late Vivian Rabineau were instrumental to Northern Virginia in its first-ever luncheon for United Jewish Appeal (the forerunner of Federation). While serving as the chair of the luncheon, which drew 425 Northern Virginia… Read More

Letters November 10, 2016

Talmud refutes Voices writer on charity Howard Sachs’s “Charity, the American and Jewish Way” (Voices, Nov. 3) displays a breathtaking ignorance of Judaism. One sentence from the Talmud refutes him perfectly: According to Rabbi Hanina (Kid. 31a) “one who is commanded and fulfills the command is greater than one who fulfills it though not commanded… Read More

Letters November 3, 2016

Rent control worsens lack of affordable housing In “Jews United for Justice to D.C. Council: ‘Close the loopholes — this year’” (Oct. 27), Adas Israel’s rabbi states everyone needs to know that shelter is secure and that that is the responsibility of the community. However, it is not the job of the for-profit housing market,… Read More

Letters October 27, 2016

UNESCO today, Judenrein tomorrow This past week’s UNESCO denial of all Jewish (and Christian) historical ties to Jerusalem was infuriating to say the least. As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reflected, it is equivalent to denying China’s link to the Great Wall or Egypt’s link to the pyramids. It is infuriating, but sadly not surprising,… Read More

Letters October 20, 2016

Iran deal offers durable security through diplomatic agreement When Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said he has no regrets about opposing the Iran nuclear deal (“Tough talk for Israeli-Americans,” Sept. 29), his rejection of diplomacy was at odds with the majority of Jewish Americans. I am one of them. As a Jewish American who grew up… Read More

Letters October 13, 2016

Letter was vitriolic Washington Jewish Week doesn’t have to publish any letter that a reader submits. (We’ll await the fate of this one.) It leaned heavily toward freedom of expression in publishing that of Arthur Mensch (“What’s a Democratic Jew to do,” Oct. 6). To place Mensch’s vitriolic and vicious anti-Hillary Clinton, pro-Donald Trump letter in the category… Read More

Letters October 6, 2016

What’s a Democratic Jew to do? A better question is what’s a Democratic Jew to do (“What’s a Republican Jew to do,” Sept. 1)? This registered Democrat is not voting for one of the most anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, pro-Arab presidential candidates in history. With her staff and advisers of Arabists and self-hating Jews, one can expect… Read More

Letters September 29, 2016

Looking at perspective I am writing in response to the article, “Can a Man Tell Women’s Stories? Filmmaker previews his documentary-in-progress about Orthodoxy” (Aug. 18). I wish to discuss the origins and purpose of the film. “Kol Hanashim” (Voices of Women) was created out of my own experience with the conflict that occurs when young… Read More

Letters September 22, 2016

Synagogue community excited for centennial, rabbi’s 25th anniversary celebration Thank you for printing the article on Tifereth Israel’s upcoming centennial (“Tifereth Israel turns 100, embraces innovation,” Sept.15). As noted in the article, next spring will also celebrate the 25th anniversary of Rabbi Ethan Seidel’s tenure as our rabbi. We admire Rabbi Seidel for his leadership… Read More