Letters July 20, 2017

Women of Wall not disruptive I am disappointed and angered by the letter to the editor, “Kotel issue distorted” (July 13). The writer, Robert Berman, terms the attempts to pray, on each Rosh Chodesh, by Women of the Wall “disruptive protests.” The only disruption is the violence instigated by the nearby Orthodox Jews who object… Read More

Letters July 13, 2017

More benefits of PJ Library The Jewish Federation brings PJ Library to life in Greater Washington, offering ways for families to connect Jewishly with their children and the larger community (“PJ Library spurring Jewish connections in NoVa, elsewhere,” study says,” July 6). Federation is involved in PJ Library not because we are in the Jewish… Read More

Letters July 6, 2017

Netanyahu’s choice Diaspora Jewry needs to say, “Enough!” (“Israel’s gov’t crashes into the Wall,” Editorial, June 29). Negative economic penalties against North Carolina in response to an onerous bathroom legislation forced the legislature to reverse this policy. Let Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu see the folly of choosing political expediency over morality can also have… Read More

Letters June 29, 2017

Making a bad climate worse In a June 22 Voices piece, David Kraemer argues that Judaism requires supporting the Paris Climate Accord because global warming might result in additional deaths. This is sometimes called the Precautionary Principle and it has been accepted in various ways (e.g. vaccination). Several major problems arise when applying this principle…. Read More

Letters June 22, 2017

Refugee comparison invalid Your June 15 front page photo of the HIAS vigil on refugees depicts the continuing attempt to falsely compare today’s situation with the plight of the refugees on the St. Louis in 1939. Regardless of how irrational one may feel about the refugees, it must be admitted that fear of terrorism plays… Read More

Letters June 15, 2017

Writers view Israel in vacuum In the article about two writers (“A reading list for confronting the occupation,” June 8), Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman, what struck me was that they are not about peace. They are about themselves as “citizens of the world,” conflating their opinions with Jewish values, which they only impose on… Read More

Letters June 8, 2017

One Jewish home The year is 1968, a year following the Six-Day War of 1967. An American patriot and not a Zionist, I become a student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The world has changed. Jerusalem, the city ancient and new, is reunited (“How the Six-Day War changed American Jews,” June 1). As the… Read More

Letters June 1, 2017

An inspirational mitzvah project Thank you so much, Washington Jewish Week, for printing this wonderful piece about Ethan Greeley’s bar mitzvah project (“This Bethesda teen did his bar mitzvah project halfway around the world,” Bar & Bat Mitzvah Planner, May 25). Hopefully, this story will inspire other students to reach and help beyond the world… Read More

Letters May 25, 2017

No reason for Trump optimism for Israeli-Palestinian peace While President Donald Trump is optimistic about a peace accord between Israel and the Palestinians, past and present relations between the two make such an end to the conflict impossible (“Israel’s justice minister says Trump peace plan won’t go anywhere — and she’s happy about it,” May… Read More

Letters May 18, 2017

A problem with Sarsour In the May 11 issue of the WJW, there was a long article, “Why Linda Sarsour courts controversy.” The implication at the end of the article is that some people feel she is an ally on moral issues. There is a significant problem with this. An infamous tweet reportedly by Sarsour… Read More