Made in Israel

Regarding Steven M. Jacoby’s concern expressed in the April 11 issue of Washington Jewish Week (“Boilerplate response”) that Marriott might be “both latent and blatant anti-Israel and/or anti-Semitic” because there is only one Marriott brand hotel in Israel – a Renaissance Hotel in Tel Aviv – I would point out that my husband and I… Read More

Failed the test

Failed the test The article by Barbara Goldman and David Streeter (“Medals are not given for being inconsistent,” WJW, April 4) fails the test of honesty and objectivity. It was written to further President Obama’s domestic political agenda rather than contribute to resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian stalemate. It highlights Obama’s receipt of a special Israeli… Read More

What are we doing wrong?

What are we doing wrong? Every other day I read about BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) against Israel (“Call for divestment gets louder,” WJW, March 28), and I cannot understand why so many “intelligent” college students and sophisticated organizations can be sucked into such propaganda. What are we doing wrong, and what are they doing right?… Read More