J Street without spin

The Washington Jewish Week featured J Street, the self-described “pro-Israel, pro-peace” lobby in page one articles twice in April, published J Street opinion columns once that month and again in the May 16 edition, and several letters, pro as well as con, along the way. The generally positive April 11 feature was leavened by Prof…. Read More

Islam vs. Islamism

by Daniel Pipes What motives lay behind last month’s Boston Marathon bombing and the would-be attack on a VIA Rail Canada train? Leftists and establishmentarians variously offer imprecise and tired replies – such as “violent extremism” or anger at Western imperialism – unworthy of serious discussion.

A good hair day every day

by Phil Jacobs Executive Editor If you walk by Nancy Mehlman on the streets of Silver Spring and she seems to be sizing up your hair, it’s because she is doing just that. Mehlman, a wife and mother of four children, arranges for haircuts and collects the hair that she then sends to Zichron Menachem,… Read More

JCRC is a gem

JCRC is a gem On behalf of the 28 executives of our Federation’s partner agencies, day schools and Hillels, we join in supporting the sentiments expressed in Washington Jewish Week’s May 9 editorial “Our community’s gem in its Diamond Jubilee.” As The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington celebrates its 75th anniversary, we are… Read More

The new Orlando magic

Many American universities share the common problems of insufficient student housing and inadequate funding for their Hillel student centers. As recently reported by JTA (see Page 4), supporters of Hillel at the University of Central Florida in Orlando have come up with an approach to address both problems, which combines entrepreneurship with philanthropy. The Orlando… Read More

Russian roulette in Syria

Over the last two weeks, Russia has demonstrated again that it considers Syria’s government a vital ally, a strategic asset and a regime worth saving, notwithstanding the country’s two-year-old civil war. Russia’s shipment of advanced weaponry to the government of Bashar al-Assad could make it more difficult for the West to impose a no fly-zone… Read More

It’s hate speech, pure and simple

Children’s television shows, whether overtly or not, tend to have at their core a desire to teach. The message is not always clear or what some parents want their children to hear, but there are certain boundaries they do not cross. This was not the case last month when a young girl appearing on the… Read More

Yeah, yeah, yeah

My colleague Larry Yudelson brought to my attention a rock and roll trivia discovery with an excellent Jewish angle hidden within: The Guardian’s Data Blog extracted the lyrics of each of the Beatles 300 or so recorded songs and then ranked the individual words by the number of times the Fabs sang them.


by Meredith Jacobs Managing Editor Seventy years ago, in 1943, there were many in America, including Jews, who did not believe the rumors of the Holocaust. After all, why would the Germans commit time and resources to killing Jews? It was unimaginable that the annihilation of the Jewish people was a driving force for war.