Do we really oppose terrorism?

It is hard to imagine that it has been 14 years since that day that changed my life forever. Fourteen years ago, on June 11, 2003, I was on bus No. 14 in Jerusalem when an 18-year-old terrorist boarded strapped with explosives and detonated. His goal was to kill and maim as many innocent people… Read More

The dangers of North Korea

North Korea is getting closer to being able to attack the United States. According to officials, the “medium range” intercontinental ballistic missile that North Korea launched on July 4 had a range of at least 5,000 miles, enough to reach Alaska. But it will apparently take several more years for the Pyongyang government to be… Read More

Netanyahu’s Indian bromance

It wasn’t exactly “From Here to Eternity,” but the image of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, up to their shins in the Mediterranean surf and discussing desalination, says a lot about the budding romance between the two Asian democracies. Modi, in Israel last week, was received by Israelis with… Read More

Letters July 13, 2017

More benefits of PJ Library The Jewish Federation brings PJ Library to life in Greater Washington, offering ways for families to connect Jewishly with their children and the larger community (“PJ Library spurring Jewish connections in NoVa, elsewhere,” study says,” July 6). Federation is involved in PJ Library not because we are in the Jewish… Read More

Israel’s un-welcome mat

This week, 10,000 athletes from 80 countries converged on Israel for the 20th Maccabiah Games, “the Jewish Olympics.” Those are impressive numbers compared to the 800 athletes from 19 countries who participated in Israel’s first Maccabiah Games in 1950. It makes sense for the Jewish Olympics to take place in Israel, which Jews around the… Read More

Fill the anti-Semitism envoy position

If we were living in a vacuum, the Jewish community wouldn’t be “entitled” to a State Department office with an envoy assigned to monitor and combat anti-Semitism. But there are at least three reasons why the office — which the Trump administration has left unstaffed since July 1 — should be filled. First, the envoy… Read More

Letters July 6, 2017

Netanyahu’s choice Diaspora Jewry needs to say, “Enough!” (“Israel’s gov’t crashes into the Wall,” Editorial, June 29). Negative economic penalties against North Carolina in response to an onerous bathroom legislation forced the legislature to reverse this policy. Let Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu see the folly of choosing political expediency over morality can also have… Read More