How to help Houston

The size and devastation of Hurricane Harvey came as a surprise. The scenes of catastrophic flooding were barely comprehensible as one of the nation’s largest cities appeared to sink beneath unrelenting rainfall. Four feet of rain fell on Houston, the greatest amount of precipitation from a tropical system in the continental United States. Houston is… Read More

A secure new year

The new year at Jewish day schools involves more than new teachers, new clothes and new backpacks. Particularly in a calendar year that began with a wave of bomb threats phoned to Jewish institutions across the country and a summer that ended with death and injuries caused by white supremacists marching in Charlottesville, day schools… Read More

Letters Sept. 7, 2017

Tactics for Trump Good tactical point made (“Complaining rabbis got outmaneuvered by Trump,” Editorial, Aug. 31) by WJW. However, the key would not be to look “more rabbinic than political.” President Donald Trump would not have engaged. Rather, the response you propose would have most likely caused Trump to cancel the call because he can’t… Read More

Charlottesville echoes of Leo Frank

Mount Carmel Cemetery is located in the borough of Queens, N.Y., just off the Jackie Robinson Parkway. In Section 1 of the burial grounds rests the remains of Leo Frank, a Jewish American icon whose lynching at the hands of southern white supremacists still resonates deeply within the conscience of American Jewry. For those unfamiliar… Read More