Letters Nov. 30, 2017

There were two 1917 Russian revolutions The article “Moscow museum gives full picture of Jewish role in Russian Revolution” (Nov. 9) fails to explain that there were two Russian revolutions in 1917. Czar Nicholas II was not succeeded by the Bolsheviks. He was overthrown by the democratic February Revolution, under which Alexander Kerensky became prime… Read More

Don’t ‘Do the Right Thing’

Back in Queens College I had a weekly column in the school paper called “The Dean’s List.” Under the pseudonym Eddie Dean I would write a weekly movie/TV review and then list the Top 10 films/shows in that genre. My editor and I purposely made the lists controversial in order to facilitate reader response. I… Read More

The conversation we should be having

I had the pleasure of attending the Israeli American Council conference in Washington this past week. I love their mission to engage Israeli Americans with American diaspora Jewish life and to engage them along with their children in identity building, learning and Israel advocacy. As a Jewish professional and as a Jewish mother, I was… Read More

Time for a peace process paradigm change

What are the details of the Middle East peace plan that President Donald Trump will use to craft what he hopes is the “ultimate deal?” Sometime in the next few months, they will be unveiled as part of an effort to revive the dead-in-the-water peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. Though we’ll have to… Read More

Singling out Israel — again

Just when we were hoping that the Democratic Party’s left flank was moving away from some of its anti-Israel sentiment, along came Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minn.) and 11 of her colleagues to present legislation entitled the Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act. In introducing the bill, McCollum has simply… Read More

And now, Al Franken

Donald Trump, a Republican. Harvey Weinstein, a Democrat. Roger Ailes, a Republican. Dustin Hoffman, a Democrat. Roy Moore, a Republican. And now we come to Al Franken, the Jewish liberal Democratic senator from Minnesota and former comic who over the last few days has been accused by two different women of improper sexual conduct. We… Read More

Letters Nov. 23, 2017

Jews should speak out, protest college faculty anti-Semitism Why do presidents and boards of universities allow anti-Semitic professors to teach their students (“Is freedom from anti-Semitism a civil right? Congress ponders the question,” Nov. 16)? Rutgers, an excellent university where I taught for over 20 years, has a significant number of professors who espouse anti-Semitic… Read More