What Corker’s exit means

Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee’s announcement last week that he will not seek reelection at the end of his term could be a sign that the pragmatic wing of the GOP continues to be in retreat. That’s bad for Republicans and bad for the country. Corker is a staunch conservative, but a savvy politician,… Read More

What about the Kurds?

In a nonbinding referendum held last week, a clear majority of the 6 million Kurds of northern Iraq voted to declare independence. This comes as no surprise. The Kurds were promised a homeland in the same post-World War I regional shakeup that produced the Balfour Declaration for a Jewish home in Palestine. But, while the… Read More

Letters Oct. 5, 2017

Neither fixing nor nixing Regarding your editorial “A Scary General Assembly” (Sept. 28): Iranians do not need “to build nuclear weapons.” North Koreans are doing it for them. And no sanctions can discourage Pyongyang from testing, because Teheran will easily and gladly reimburse any such losses with the billions of dollars facilitated by Washington and… Read More

A whale of Yom Kippur lesson for us

One of the highlights of the Yom Kippur experience is the reading of Jonah, a book containing profound lessons for the holiest day of the year. God calls upon Jonah to implore the people of the city of Ninveh to repent. Jonah refuses. He believes he can escape God by sailing out to sea. The… Read More

We have seen the future, and it looks Orthodox

The 2013 Pew survey “A Portrait of Jewish Americans” shows that Orthodox Judaism, while currently attracting the allegiance of only about 10 percent of all American Jews, is the fastest growing sector of the community. The high birthrate and retention rate confirmed by the survey have led some observers to predict that within a generation,… Read More

When hate comes to your town

What do you do when hate comes to your neighborhood? That’s a question my community and I, in Chevy Chase, had to unfortunately grapple with a couple of weeks ago after an individual left anti-Semitic literature on the doorstep of several of our neighbors’ houses. At first, I was aghast that someone would feel confident… Read More

A resolution based on commandments

Our lives are busy. Kids, school, work, home, community involvement, and other activities fill our days and many evenings. In fact, these activities tend to overfill our time. It’s hard to cut out anything from our schedules because everything seems so important. But when our schedules become so packed, we sometimes miss the obvious things… Read More

Letters Sept. 28, 2017

Maybe Israelis don’t need liberal religious institutions Thank you for publishing the very thoughtful and cogent article by Saul Golubcow regarding the public airing of a Conservative rabbi’s furious distain for the Orthodox rulings in Israel (“A lost opportunity,” Voices, Sept. 21). As a secular Jew, I find a home in my Conservative synagogue where… Read More

Netanyahu’s slap at Diaspora Jewry

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu likes to speak broadly about his long-term goal of Jewish unity. But his recent assertions with respect to Diaspora Jewry raise serious questions about his real commitment to that goal. Indeed, rather than leading as a unifier, Netanyahu is coming across as a cynical politician who will say anything to… Read More