Making sense of the hatred of others

I’m the great-granddaughter of immigrants, three times. Each set of great-grandparents left the Old Country fleeing oppressive regimes, fearing war, or looking for a place to start a family. As for my remaining set of great grandparents, who have been in this country since before the Civil War, they operated a “Jew store,” a dry… Read More

What made David Friedman’s confirmation so contentious?

David Friedman was confirmed last week by the U.S. Senate as America’s ambassador to Israel. But that was only after a highly contentious debate and, unfortunately, only because there is a Republican majority in the Senate. The same was true of Friedman’s prior approval by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The committee’s minority leader, Sen…. Read More

The refugee crisis one individual at a time

In light of President Trump’s tweets and policies of treating refugees from Syria and Afghanistan as potential terrorists who should be kept a safe distance from the American people, my experience with refugees who suffered so much and took such risks to seek safety leads me to conclude that they and their families should be… Read More

When a women’s strike is not about women Voices

“Does Feminism Have Room for Zionists?” The New York Times headline asked. Less than three months ago, many of us proudly joined in the National Women’s March, part of a coalition that included a number of Jewish organizations, with signs sprinkled throughout the crowd that proclaimed our Jewish identity. So how should feminist Zionists react… Read More

Jews and racism in America

Two weeks ago, I was at a conference in New York City sponsored by T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights. It was called “No Time for Neutrality” and it was planned in response to the wholesale assault on civil liberties and democratic values coming from the Trump administration, specifically the attempt to curtail immigration… Read More

A sobering Purim

Cemeteries desecrated. Schools and JCCs evacuated. Community-wide rallies. It has been a tense time for Jews across the United States. One word captures the mood of recent days: vulnerability. What is particularly unusual about this experience is its coincidence with the month of Adar and the upcoming holiday of Purim. The timing, after all, seems… Read More

Nothing to fear but panic and partisanship

American Jewry is under assault. A wave of bomb threats called into Jewish community centers and schools, cemetery desecrations and vandalism aimed at other identifiable targets such as synagogues has created an atmosphere of fear about anti-Semitism unmatched in recent memory. The incidents have caught the attention of the entire nation and brought home to… Read More