A Jewish response to racism at American University

Sometimes teachers of history are made aware, in a matter of moments, that we have become players in the history that we teach. Time becomes telescoped, with symbols and gestures from 1940s Germany jumping from grainy newsreels to full-color smartphone video from Charlottesville, Va., in 2017. And then cowards in disguises, whistling “Dixie,” champion their… Read More

A vital foreign policy tool under threat

The Book of Genesis proclaims that every human being is created in the image of God, that every human life is infinitely precious. Every religious person and every humanist understands that we are all diminished by needless loss of life. My heart breaks when I hear about people dying of starvation, of AIDS and other… Read More

The media and the missing Abu Jihad

On Feb. 15, a convicted terrorist whose nom de guerre is Abu Jihad (“Father of Jihad”) was appointed deputy to Palestinian Authority president and Fatah head Mahmoud Abbas. Haven’t heard about Abu Jihad? It’s not your fault. There has been almost no coverage about him in major U.S. news outlets. His actual name is Mahmoud… Read More

Israeli hatred masquerading as anti-Semitism

On Aug. 12, the United States was shaken to its core. It had been several years since racist groups played a dominant role in American life, so for many Americans the idea of the KKK and neo-Nazis seemed obsolete. Unfortunately, America woke up to a new harsh reality: The bigots living in this country are… Read More

We have seen the future, and it looks Orthodox

The 2013 Pew survey “A Portrait of Jewish Americans” shows that Orthodox Judaism, while currently attracting the allegiance of only about 10 percent of all American Jews, is the fastest growing sector of the community. The high birthrate and retention rate confirmed by the survey have led some observers to predict that within a generation,… Read More

When hate comes to your town

What do you do when hate comes to your neighborhood? That’s a question my community and I, in Chevy Chase, had to unfortunately grapple with a couple of weeks ago after an individual left anti-Semitic literature on the doorstep of several of our neighbors’ houses. At first, I was aghast that someone would feel confident… Read More

A resolution based on commandments

Our lives are busy. Kids, school, work, home, community involvement, and other activities fill our days and many evenings. In fact, these activities tend to overfill our time. It’s hard to cut out anything from our schedules because everything seems so important. But when our schedules become so packed, we sometimes miss the obvious things… Read More