This year in Jerusalem

Passover in America is widely reported to be the most-celebrated Jewish holiday of them all. More American Jews will have attend Passover seders this week than will attend High Holy Day services this fall. No doubt this is due, at least in part, to homemade matzah ball soup, various iterations of the recipes for sweet… Read More

A historic opportunity for America

I was in Missouri for last fall’s presidential election, having timed a business trip to be there for what was clearly going to be a historic result. If Hillary Clinton were elected, it would be the first time for a woman to ascend to the nation’s highest public office; if it were Donald Trump …… Read More

Making sense of the hatred of others

I’m the great-granddaughter of immigrants, three times. Each set of great-grandparents left the Old Country fleeing oppressive regimes, fearing war, or looking for a place to start a family. As for my remaining set of great grandparents, who have been in this country since before the Civil War, they operated a “Jew store,” a dry… Read More

What made David Friedman’s confirmation so contentious?

David Friedman was confirmed last week by the U.S. Senate as America’s ambassador to Israel. But that was only after a highly contentious debate and, unfortunately, only because there is a Republican majority in the Senate. The same was true of Friedman’s prior approval by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The committee’s minority leader, Sen…. Read More