Young professionals standing for Israel in D.C.

The Development Corporation for Israel, or Israel Bonds as it is commonly known, continued its successes last year. More than $1.12 billion was invested in Israel through individuals and institutions in the United States purchasing Israel Bonds in 2016. Since the first bond was issued in 1951, nearly $40 billion has been invested worldwide through this… Read More

We’ll lose the campus if Israel becomes a partisan cause

For decades, supporters of the U.S.-Israel relationship have insisted on strong bipartisanship rather than allying their cause with the Democrats or Republicans. So even while a typical bit of punditry over the past few presidencies was to assert that Bill Clinton, or George W. Bush, or Barack Obama was “the most pro-Israel president in history,”… Read More

Our Jewish beliefs call us to advocate for reproductive rights

Last week, we were honored to represent the Jewish community at an interfaith prayer service organized by the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) and Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington at the recently opened Planned Parenthood health center in Northeast D.C. We stood in solidarity with leaders of other faiths, demonstrating our resolute support of… Read More

Too many lines are being drawn

One of us is Orthodox; the other Reform. One of us is active in J Street and the other is a member of the Zionist Organization of America. On matters relating to peace and security in Israel our perspectives are vastly different. Yet the two of us find common ground when talking about our travels… Read More

‘Fake news’ and Iranian ‘moderates’

When former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani died, aged 82, on Jan. 8, he was falsely labeled a “moderate” by many Western news outlets. Rafsanjani, however, played an important role in the founding of the Islamic Republic of Iran — a repressive, totalitarian theocracy. And an examination of his record evidences little “moderation.” A protégé… Read More

Repairing the world requires more introspection than pipeline protesters are presenting

Religious, historical and cultural insights on tikkun olam provide helpful background for arguments supporting protests against the Dakota Access Pipe Line. But other considerations, as well as my own conversations with ranchers, oil patch workers and others who endure 60-below North Dakota winters to bring Americans meat and energy strongly suggest that the DAPL and… Read More