Un-teachable moment: leftist anti-Semitism

In Falls Church, at Temple Rodef Shalom’s candidates’ night this spring, Corey Stewart — an ultimately unsuccessful candidate for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, known for opposing removal of Confederate statues from public places — asserted that today’s anti-Semitism is spawned mainly by the political left, not the right. This prompted “a collective gasp and incredulous… Read More

Responding Jewishly to new U.S. position on climate pact

President Donald J. Trump has received well-deserved condemnation from leaders of many nations, governors and mayors, environmentalists, corporate CEOs, Jewish and other religious organizations for withdrawing the United States from the 2015 Paris climate change pact that was agreed to by all the 195 nations that attended, including Israel and the United States. How should… Read More

Addiction and Jews

The catastrophic numbers of drug users, deaths and overdoses only pale in comparison to the nightmare of a 90 percent relapse rate. This plague has not passed over the Jewish people. Does Judaism have anything to offer in the recovery of those battling addictions? Can poring over the weekly portion, mumbling through Mincha prayers, tying… Read More

Mr. Trump, stop pressuring Israel

The pressure has begun. The State Department’s “evenhanded” statement regarding the Temple Mount. The U.S.-backed Middle East Quartet’s call for “restraint.” President Donald Trump sending his international negotiations representative to the region to “mediate” between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. It all adds up to one thing: American pressure on Israel to make concessions to… Read More

A French-Jewish heroine: Simone Veil

The French are rarely unanimous in their opinions about anything. However, late last month, the French news media reported the nearly unanimous outpouring of tributes at the passing, June 30, of one of its most prominent political personalities — a Jewish woman who survived deportation to Auschwitz. Simone Veil, who was 89, became a kind… Read More

Finding hope in Tisha B’Av calamaties

How deeply should we grieve on Tisha B’Av? Next week, on the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av, my fellow traditional Jews will mourn the destruction of the two Temples in Jerusalem, by the Babylonians in 587 B.C.E. and the Romans in 70 C.E. We will fast, read the Book of Lamentations and… Read More

Lazy days celebrating un-lazy times

We’re moving into the lazy days of summer. Recent celebrations of our Independence Day on July 4 remind us that days that are punctuated by the arrival of the neighborhood ice cream truck are meant to be enjoyed. We are blessed to live in a country that is free and that enjoys friendly relations with… Read More