Jews were saved – but not by FDR

by Rafael Medoff Raoul Wallenberg’s heroic rescue of Jews in Nazi-occupied Budapest (including future U.S. Rep. Tom Lantos and his wife-to-be Annette) has gained appropriate and widespread recognition in recent years. But now, incredibly, two authors are suggesting that it was President Franklin Roosevelt who really deserves the credit for making Wallenberg’s mission possible.

Hate no more

by Susie Gelman Special to WJW Mark Carson worked as a manager at a gelato kiosk in Grand Central Station in New York City. According to a co-worker, he was a nice man who would serve customers even after closing hours. But on a recent Friday night, Carson was senselessly and brazenly gunned down in… Read More

Medals are not given for being inconsistent

by Barbara Goldberg Goldman and David Streeter As we so recently affirmed our liberty and reflect upon the journey of the Jewish people from slavery to freedom, so too, did President Barack Obama in his passionate remarks to the Israeli people. He affirmed the Jewish people’s connection to Eretz Yisrael and forcefully rebuked those who… Read More

You shouldn’t have voted for Obama

by Robert G. Samet What do we as a people say about a president who tours Muslim nations early in his first term but conspicuously avoids Israel, who openly disrespects Israel’s visiting leader, who emboldens Palestinians to resist peace negotiations by telling Israel it must first freeze all West Bank construction — not just construction… Read More

How to advocate for Israel to progressives

by Alan Elsner Special to WJW Pro-Israel advocates are coming to realize that we have a growing problem in reaching out to progressives and liberals in the United States. Polling data has for some time revealed a growing gap between the support for Israel among Republicans and among Democrats. Although overall support for Israel among… Read More

Whither Syria?

by Ben Cardin In February, I led a congressional delegation to Israel and Turkey and then to Austria to attend the annual winter session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). There is very little that can prepare you for the humanitarian crisis that is now unfolding in… Read More

Ancient hatred, new threats

by Elisa Massimino Recently a lawmaker in Greece’s national parliament denounced his government’s call for Greeks to observe a day of commemoration, calling it “unacceptable.” The target of his ire? A measure calling on state institutions to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Stop using term ‘two-state solution’

by Morton Klein and Dr. Daniel Mandel Prior to President Barack Obama’s trip to Israel, he, Secretary of State John Kerry and others reiterated their commitment to a “two-state solution.”  We strongly oppose the use of this term — and not for political reasons. One should stop using this term even if one believes that… Read More

Crossing the divide

I congratulate Suzanne Pollak for her wonderful story about Leszek Sibilski (“Not silent for even a moment”, WJW, March 28). Leszek has crossed this “magic” divide of Polish-Jewish stereotyping by highlighting the insensitivity of the Olympic Committee which ignored the death of Jewish Olympians in Munich and refused to remember them with a minute of… Read More

In the picture

Your March 28 edition the photo on Page 10 “Voices of the Vigil.” Of the two men the one on the right side of the photo from Agudas Achim Congregation, Alexandria, VA is Rabbi Sheldon E. Elster the congregation’s spiritual leader during that period. PAUL S. FROMMER Alexandria, VA