Premature optimism

Your optimistic editorial, “A welcome apology” (March 28) lauding the Netanyahu call to Turkey’s Erdogan, unfortunately, was quite premature. It is unlikely that there will be any significant change in Turkish anti-Israel policies. Erdogan has already made it clear that it is too early to exchange ambassadors or “normalize relations” until Israel follows Turkey’s prescription… Read More

Confident in the committed core

Ron Snyder’s opening assertion (“Conservatives at crossroads,” WJW, March 14): “The problem facing many Conservative Jews today is that they are waiting for respect and approval from the Orthodox community … while remaining envious of Reform Jewry’s ability to embrace modernity” does not even remotely represent me or my concerns as a Conservative rabbi. My… Read More

The writing’s on the wall

by Meredith Jacobs Managing Editor I’m not certain how to begin this one. A local high school student government recently dedicated a week to anti-bullying education. They hung posters in the hall explaining the four types of bullying: physical, verbal, covert (includes actions like spreading rumors, encouraging others to socially exclude) and cyberbullying. They dedicated… Read More


by Meredith Jacobs Managing Editor Could it really be 20 years? I was working in the recruiting department of a big D.C. law firm. Somehow I was given a pass to view the new Holocaust Museum before it opened to the public. Since the building I worked in was walking distance to the Mall, I… Read More

Peacekeepers amid Syria’s civil war

Since 1974, the separation of Israeli and Syrian forces in the Golan Heights has been “observed” by the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, or UNDOF. The effectiveness of these peacekeepers has always been contingent on Israel and Syria “scrupulously” observing the cease fire that ended the Yom Kippur War. For nearly 40 years, and despite… Read More

The Real “S” Word

My car was in the carpool line awaiting the emergence of my two daughters and two other children from their Jewish day school. Before the girls came out of the school, one of the school’s assistant principals walked up to me with her bright smile and told me to contact a certain teacher, a rabbi… Read More

J Street without spin

The Washington Jewish Week featured J Street, the self-described “pro-Israel, pro-peace” lobby in page one articles twice in April, published J Street opinion columns once that month and again in the May 16 edition, and several letters, pro as well as con, along the way. The generally positive April 11 feature was leavened by Prof…. Read More

Islam vs. Islamism

by Daniel Pipes What motives lay behind last month’s Boston Marathon bombing and the would-be attack on a VIA Rail Canada train? Leftists and establishmentarians variously offer imprecise and tired replies – such as “violent extremism” or anger at Western imperialism – unworthy of serious discussion.

Our goal is to be whole

by Rabbi Jack Moline Just before Passover, a colleague shared (a slightly longer version of) this story with me. One Pesach eve, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev walked with his servant in the city. He met a peasant, a tax smuggler, and asked him: Do you have smuggled contraband?

How secular, Orthodox Israelis can coexist

by Daniel Kurtzer Harsh words in the Israeli Knesset and fisticuffs at the Western Wall have come to define the growing alienation of secular and ultra-Orthodox (haredi) Jews in Israel and the political struggle underway regarding haredi participation in the national political and economic life of the country. For many non-haredi Israelis, the ultra-Orthodox are… Read More