God bless America and Israel

  I have long considered sharing some thoughts on these pages and felt that America’s 237th birthday would be the perfect time to do so. We live in perhaps the greatest country in history, and our Founding Fathers created a matrix that has served us well for over two centuries. So well in fact that… Read More

U.N. nominee bad for Israel and America

Recently, President Barack Obama nominated Samantha Power for the post of U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, a Cabinet-rank post requiring Senate confirmation. Why should we be concerned? Because Power has a documented record of describing both the U.S and Israel as committing war crimes and being human rights-abusers; urging the U.S. to distance itself… Read More

What were Sen. Rand Paul’s ‘surprises’?

During Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) 2010 run for the Senate, Republican Jewish Coalition executive director Matt Brooks said, “Rand Paul is outside the comfort level of a lot of people in the Jewish community, and in many ways outside of where the Republican Party is on many critical issues.” At the time, this included the… Read More

Sharansky plan for Wall — worthy of support

Many of us recall the classic story about Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s visit to Israel when Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir took him to the Western Wall.  She explained that since it is the place most sacred for Jews, all prayers uttered there are answered. Things were going well and Golda was saying amen… Read More

Holocaust struggling to resume

The leaders of the Allies knew full well what was happening in the death camps. They could have acted, but they didn’t. We, the Jews, know exactly what the lesson is,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, at last week’s dedication of the upgraded Jewish museum at Auschwitz. Israelis, fearful a Syrian civil war will… Read More

My father’s tallit

by Rabbi Steven C. Wernick For working parents of school-age children, the logistical relay race that constitutes our daily lives often makes us feel like we are contestants in a Beat the Clock-style game show.

More than just knaidel

by Rabbi Eric Linder Knaidel …. K-N-A-I-D-E-L … Knaidel. With that utterance, Arvind Mahankali won the 86th National Scripps Spelling Bee. Arvind is a 13-year old Indian-American living in Bayside, N.Y. Only in America. Here’s a kid of Indian descent that won a coveted American spelling bee championship yesterday due to his correct spelling of… Read More

Navigating health-care policy

by William Daroff Sandy Teplitzky is a lawyer in Baltimore who represents health-care providers every day. Last week, his Jewish activism took him to Washington, D.C., as co-chair of a summit organized by The Jewish Federations of North America that focused on the critical changes in the delivery of health care and the implementation of… Read More

Remembering Frank Lautenberg

by Senator Ben Cardin Frank Lautenberg, the senior U.S. senator from New Jersey, was a friend and colleague. He was an outstanding senator, a patriot who served our country in World War II, an extraordinarily successful businessman, and a person whose life was the embodiment of the American Dream. We will miss him.

Women of the Wall – a different perspective

by Chana Keleman As a religious woman, I am struck by some glaring inconsistencies in the Women of the Wall’s cause and, because they have taken their political and social protest to our holiest site, I feel personally affected by the Women of the Wall’s stance, and would like to respond with a few observations…. Read More