IDF paratroopers leave strong impressions here

It wasn’t easy for three Israeli septuagenarians to embark on a 16-day, seven-city tour of America. But a photograph taken 50 years ago transformed the former paratroopers into proud icons for the Six-Day War and Jerusalem’s reunification. The men in David Rubinger’s photo — Tzion Karasenti, Dr. Yitzhak Yifat and Chaim Oshri — flew halfway… Read More

McMaster emphasizes opportunities at Global Forum

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster on Sunday told a Jewish audience that Israel and America’s Arab allies are undergoing a reassessment of their shared interests. “Today their interests are converging,” he said at the American Jewish Committee Global Forum in Washington. “This is an opportunity.” These shared interests a long-sought peace agreement between Israel and… Read More

Things you didn’t know about the Six-Day War

The three paratroopers casting eyes upward at the Western Wall. The troops reveling in the waters of the Suez Canal. The sweeping views of a Galilee no longer vulnerable to shelling from atop the Golan Heights. Not to mention Naomi Shemer’s anthem “Jerusalem of Gold,” reissued after the Six-Day War with a new verse celebrating… Read More

Teen accused of threatening JCCs is charged in Israel

JERUSALEM — The Israeli-American teenager accused of making threats against Jewish community centers in the United States was charged with extortion and several other offenses in a Tel Aviv court. The teen from Ashkelon, in southern Israel, was charged Monday in district court with thousands of counts on offenses that also include publishing false information,… Read More