HIAS editorial sparks dialogue

The July 25 editorial, “HIAS In Search Of A Mission,” has spawned great debate in the Baltimore community — and a lot of upset. Why? The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society has been considering a move to the area, and local leaders don’t seem convinced that HIAS is ready for “an orderly sunset.” And the United… Read More

Busy year for Rabbi Weinblatt

Rabbi Stuart Weinblatt, Congregation B’nai Tzedek’s spiritual leader, sat in his study on a warm early summer day. He had recently completed his duties as chair of the Jewish Federations of North America Rabbinic Cabinet. It is perhaps difficult to understand what and why someone would spend a great deal of time being part of… Read More

A plan to study and serve

Former Silver Spring resident Dov Lipman is actively trying to make his adopted country of nine years a more integrated society where members of the haredi community join together with other Jews and Israeli Arabs for the betterment of society as a whole. The Knesset member exudes confidence that Israel is going to grow stronger… Read More

At 101, kicked out of retirement home

Update, Aug. 2. Bernard Liles died on Aug. 1. Bernard Liles, aged 101 will very likely die this week in bed at Maplewood Park Place, a private, for-profit senior living facility in Bethesda. With little chance for improvement in his condition, his family agreed to take him off life-support systems. Legally, however, he shouldn’t be… Read More

An innocent man

Keith Weissman is trying to put his life back together, four years after the government dropped its espionage case against him and a fellow ex-AIPAC employee.

‘Some Were Neighbors’

  A new, story-based exhibition is open at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in the District, allowing visitors to explore and think about the concepts of collaboration and complicity of individuals during the Holocaust. Entitled Some Were Neighbors, the exhibition, which took nearly six years to complete and was underwritten in part by grants… Read More

Coming home

  The Dorn family is leaving the Kemp Mill neighborhood in Silver Spring to start a new life in Israel. Pushing luggage piled high on carts, Ian and Gali Dorn and their three boys made aliyah on Monday. Neither Ian Dorn nor his wife has a job awaiting them in Israel. “I am going on… Read More

Virginia’s Jews eye state candidates and issues

  This November, Virginians will go to the polls and vote for candidates to become governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general, the three highest state executive branch positions. The Republican and Democratic candidates have already begun campaigning and their stances on the issues of the economy, health care and other pressing concerns for the state… Read More