Street renamed for Bulgarian who saved Jews

The street in front of the Bulgarian Embassy has been renamed Dimitar Peshev Plaza in honor of the man credited with halting a mass deportation of Jews, thereby saving 50,000 people. The D.C. Council unanimously voted to give the intersection of 22nd and R St. N.W., the new honorific name. A 45-minute ceremony witnessed by… Read More

Protesters rail against funeral home merger

About 50 people took their fight against a proposed merger between the two largest funeral homes in the U.S. to the front of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the governmental body charged with deciding whether or not to approve the merger. Many in the Jewish community here are opposed to Service Corporation International, the largest… Read More

Godless congregation visits D.C.

Imagine walking into a synagogue, mosque or a church and the first thing your rabbi, imam or pastor did was encourage everyone to get up and sing along to Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” Then, the rest of the service would involve stand-up comedy, poetry, live music and icebreaker games. This may sound like a… Read More

Palestinians tell why they withdrew from dialogue

In an article published in the Nov. 14 issue of The Hoya, Georgetown University’s newspaper, three officers of Students for Justice in Palestine explained why their organization withdrew its sponsorship of a joint program Nov. 6 that was designed to open communications between Palestinians and Israelis. “Students for Justice in Palestine supports dialogue. But we… Read More