Researchers look at where Jews and blacks weren’t allowed to go

Mara Cherkasky had a going business from her Northwest Washington home, doing historical research on the city’s neighborhoods and producing brochures and antique-looking signs for the likes of the Smithsonian Institution, the Jewish Historical Society and Union Station Redevelopment Corp. But three years ago, Cherkasky and business partner Sarah Shoenfeld, owners of Prologue DC, won… Read More

Rakitt tapped to head $1 million Genesis Prize

Steven A. Rakitt, who announced last November that he was stepping down as CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, has been named president of the Genesis Prize Foundation, effective on Aug. 1. He will work from the foundation’s office in New York. The Genesis Prize is an annual $1 million gift to someone… Read More

Shabbat dinners seen as key to commitment

Just after moving to Washington, Daniel Kuhn attended a Shabbat dinner for young adults as a way to connect with the community. The host that night had name tags for everyone, so it was particularly conspicuous when one guest, named Juliet, didn’t show up. One Shabbat dinner became a series of dinners. The group became… Read More