Loh meets area Jews about fired professor

In the wake of anti-Semitic incidents on campus and the fallout from the dismissal of College of Education professor Melissa Landa, University of Maryland President Wallace Loh recently met with members of the Jewish community to discuss mutual concerns. The meeting on Oct. 10 also touched on the boycott, sanctions and divestment movement against Israel,… Read More

Archie Gottesman wants to help you avoid ‘Jewbarrassment’

After a few-thousand-year run, maybe Judaism needs to rebrand. At least that’s what New York brand marketer Margery Sue – better known as Archie — Gottesman thinks. With her longtime business partner, Stacy Stuart, Gottesman started jewbelong.com, a resource for secular Jews, disengaged Jews, non-Jews, or anyone else looking to navigate the venerable and often… Read More

Exhibit at Jewish Museum preserves Iraqi Jewish heritage

The meticulously restored historic Iraqi Jewish documents and artifacts on display through Jan. 15 at the Jewish Museum of Maryland in Baltimore are some of the last remnants of the once-thriving Jewish communities of Baghdad. Over the last century, the Jewish population was decimated through pogroms, public executions, forced deportations and mass exodus, falling from… Read More

Music festival promoting diversity

In its 19th year, the annual Washington Jewish Music Festival continues to promote diversity, according to festival Director Ilya Tovbis. The festival runs from Nov. 3 to 12, with 17 performances taking place at venues that include the Montgomery College Cultural Arts Center, the Music Center at Strathmore and the Edlavitch DC Jewish Community Center,… Read More

U-Md. group plants what they preach

Jesse Rabinowitz was a freshman at the University of Maryland in 2009 when he and a few friends thought it would be a great idea to grow their own spices for Havdalah. They dug a garden in front of the Hillel Jewish student center and planted fruits and vegetables. Although Rabinowitz never got around to… Read More