Haley tells IAC “it’s a new day” at the UN

The United States ambassador to the United Nations told a Washington audience of Israeli-Americans Saturday night that she will not tolerate anti-Israel bias that has long existed in that international body. “As long as I am at my post, Israel will not be alone,” said ambassador Nikki Haley while speaking at the Israeli American Council’s… Read More

White supremacist recruitment increases

Arizona State. Penn State. Cornell. Rutgers. Elizabethtown. George Mason. Fairfax. James Madison. U-Va. Stockton. Shenandoah. Lynchburg. Boston College. Oklahoma State. Millersville. Texas State. These are just a handful of the colleges and universities that have been papered with white nationalist recruitment flyers, stickers and posters since the fall semester began. The Anti-Defamation League has counted… Read More

Exhibit at Jewish Museum preserves Iraqi Jewish heritage

The meticulously restored historic Iraqi Jewish documents and artifacts on display through Jan. 15 at the Jewish Museum of Maryland in Baltimore are some of the last remnants of the once-thriving Jewish communities of Baghdad. Over the last century, the Jewish population was decimated through pogroms, public executions, forced deportations and mass exodus, falling from… Read More

U.K. rabbi warns against division in America

The former chief rabbi of the United Kingdom told a Washington audience Tuesday that the rise of nationalism, fake news and an individualistic mindset are tearing at the social fabric of the United States. But he isn’t saying who is to blame. Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks said Americans are living in ‘tempestuous times’ and that… Read More

Israel’s Dermer calls on nations to ‘fix’ Iran deal

Israel’s ambassador to the United States told a Bethesda audience this week that the greatest challenge his country faces is the potential for a nuclear-armed Iran. He called on the United States, the European Union and Germany to “fix” the 2015 agreement that limited that potential. Ron Dermer, speaking Tuesday at Congregation Beth El of… Read More

Charity provides top-shelf items to needy families

Mordechai Roizman has a heart for those in need: After Hurricane Sandy wracked devastation across New York City and coastal New Jersey, he joined those helping residents who had lost everything, pitching in to help distribute food, clothing and dry goods. But Roizman, a 48-year-old veteran of boardroom battles and executive strategy sessions knew that,… Read More