Muslim women protest honor violence

Muslim women and human rights activists brought to light the issues of honor violence and gender apartheid at a National Press Club Newsmakers news conference Tuesday, making it clear that women all over the world are affected, not just in the Middle East and Africa. They also promoted the passage of the bipartisan International Violence… Read More

NCJW conference targets sex trafficking

The roots of the National Council of Jewish Women can be traced back to Ellis Island, where members greeted new immigrants, assisted them in starting their new lives and kept them from people trying to abduct them into forced labor or sex. The organization celebrated its 120th year this week with a three-day conference in… Read More

JFNA sounds alarm

How safe are the websites of Jewish community organizations? How easy can they fall under the control of hackers, scammers, anti-Semites and Israel-haters? Those questions came up last month, just weeks after Target Inc. announced that the credit card numbers of 70 million customers had been stolen. On Feb. 25, Secure Community Network, an affiliate… Read More

AIPAC attempts rebound

Coming off of what many observers characterized as an off year in terms of getting its agenda implemented in Washington, D.C., the American Israel Public Affairs Committee will be welcoming upwards of 14,000 attendees at the March 2 to 4 annual policy conference that will set the pro-Israel organization’s 2014 initiatives. Chief among the organization’s… Read More