Sukkah directory is handy for travelers

Say you’re visiting Cyprus during Sukkot and want to find a sukkah to have a meal in. Or you’ve found yourself in Dublin. Or you’re new to the Washington area and don’t know where to find a sukkah. You might try, which this year lists 336 sukkot in 26 countries. The registry is the… Read More

U.K. Jews feel left behind after election

Nearly 50 years after she left her native South Africa for Britain to escape apartheid, Sharon Klaff again is finding herself unable to imagine a future for her family in her country and society because of racism. And this time, the problem is hitting nearer to home, said Klaff, 69, a yoga teacher and Jewish… Read More

Egyptian envoy talks bilateral stability

BALTIMORE — The Egypt-U.S. relationship suffered under President Barack Obama but has a chance to recover under the Donald Trump administration, Egypt’s ambassador told an audience here. Yasser Reda spoke about peace and conflict in the Middle East — including the Israeli conflict with the Palestinians — and mostly evaded criticism of his home country… Read More

AJC greets Trump, Congress with optimism, hors d’oeuvres

On the night before President Donald Trump’s inauguration, the mood among more than 40 foreign diplomats, members of Congress and new administration officials at a swanky Washington club was one of friendly bipartisanship. They enjoyed wine and hors d’oeuvres courtesy of the American Jewish Committee, which threw the Jan. 19 reception in what it hopes… Read More